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Here are the top 10 listened to episodes of the podcast in 2019:

1. The Complete Guide to Winning in Your 20’s and 30’s.

2. Mike & Jay Episode 1

3. Mike & Jay Episode 4

4. Podcasting, Fasting, and Cold Showers

5. How to Win Big by Starting Small

6. How to Use Fasting for Fat Loss and Spiritual Awareness

7. What Do You Wish You Had Learned Sooner

8. Mike & Jay Episode 2

9. Mike & Jay Episode 3

10. Scott Adams Interview

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24 Replies to “Mike Cernovich Podcasts”

  1. I remember the Apollo program and all the new technology. I was wondering, do you think we would even be told of new tech et. (anti gravity nuclear propulsion,) or whatnot? In our new program today.

  2. I’d like to know more about California’s Proposition 65 Warning. Not so much the politics around it, if any, but what it really is, why it exists.

    I first noticed this warning when buying Brainforce, and then again when buying Gorilla Mind Rush. The warning spooked me at first so I never bought any supplements until I felt comfortable about moving forward with it by reading other people’s testimonies — none of which have reported the effects described in Prop 65.

    Is it something to really worry about? Are these products I buy actually safe to consume?

  3. Hey Mike,

    Long time follower and listener. You have a great show and I enjoy reading your content! My question is taken from the “The School of Greatness” podcast. Lewis Howes ends his interviews with the following question:

    “If it was many years from now, and you’ve accomplished everything you want to accomplish, but you’re on your deathbed and you could only write down the three things you know to be true, what would those three truths be?”

    I think it’s an interesting question and I’m curious to know what are your three truths?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Mike,

    How do I get serious about getting fit if I have a history of back problems?

    I know the conventional wisdom is all about squats, deadlifts. I have bad form and low confidence.
    I’m worried one missed rep is gonna snap my back. What should I do?

  5. What did Bodybuilding teach you about mindset and life?

    In this age of immediate gratification, there’s something to be said about taking the long road to get lasting results and thinking in terms of months and years, instead of days and weeks.

  6. Q: People often ask what is the meaning of life. But the meaning of life is clearly not universal, it is personal to the individual. Please give us your thoughts on how we might get all (or as many as possible) individuals to clearly focus on defining the meaning of their own life. It is not an easy task for any individual to do so but it seems to be a fulfilling step for each person and the self-awareness, commitment, and mission that comes from that appears to have a great potential upside for western civilization as a whole. Thank you.

  7. The Way of the Sword.

    Why do you think the life of a wandering, dueling (many times to death) swordsman, and equally today’s MMA Cage fighter, is so attractive? To stake your life and your health on the line, with the most esoteric even sacrificing women. Is it just fame or fortune, or is it something more visceral?

    Thanks Mike.

  8. Did you ever get into scary or unwanted situations traveling to different countries? What would you do a little different to avoid or stay clear of these?

  9. In terms of making money off a niche we love social media has been up and down I’ve build a lot and social media has teared it down. I’m rebuilding but would I be better off with a blog than social media hosting, marketing, and running social media for a few clients

  10. If you could sit next to anyone on a cross-country flight, who would it be and what would you bring up first?

  11. I’m a retired engineer /Project Manager with a few good ideas but not much in the way of business or promotional skills. How do I find investers and, or partners who are strong in my weak areas?

  12. Mike, Jordan Peterson frequently points out that a ‘play circuit’ was discovered in mammals relatively recently – possibly in the 80s. The point is that, besides exercise, family, and other needs, we actually need to play regularly – if I recall, it’s once a week typically.

    Maybe parents get away with playing with their kids, etc. But, I’m wondering if you think this is a practice that is waning? Everyone is focusing on their workouts, due to productivity and travel, but we don’t remember to get out and play?

    2) Second question is on the idea of ‘Adultism’ – I’m wondering to what extent our increasing government overreach is being accompanied by a cultural shift toward ‘grown infants’ who want to run from the responsibility of freedom at all costs?

  13. I think this is one of the most important topics for teenagers / young adults. I certainly wish I had known about it when I was younger. So much more about life makes sense:

    What is the truth about male-female bonding in humans?

    Is it true that the ability of women to bond decreases with number of sex partners?

    If so, how precipitous a decline is it? And what sex acts do and do not affect bonding potential in particular? Are there any cheats/workarounds? And is the bonding stimulated by non-sex acts too?

    How does it work for men?

  14. Hi Mike, I have a question: What types of IT professionals do you hire and would you consider providing any IT pros with volunteer work if they would like to donate their time? For example, an experienced data professional could help you store, manage, view, and analyze your data by automating processes, creating reports, etc. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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