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  1. “You have to feel. You have to get out. You have to purge this trauma. You have to endure this suffering. Whatever is inside, whatever you are going through … You have to go through it.”

    So I was brought to tears by this part of your podcast. Not me crying on your behalf but because I could feel my Kundalini and my connection to the earth/mother through my root chakra feeling so strongly that I know what this means and that she is begging me to elaborate on this because you need to hear or I need to confirm that you understand what it does mean. Even if I am skeptical that I understand what the above means, she tells me not to wimp out on her and just type with conviction, so here goes.

    I feel her tell me that your childhood was substantially more rough than mine was. Which is unfortunate to hear, because I know how much it sucked to purge the trauma I went through as child and all the attachments that I had that suspended me in hell. Luckily, you do have a better support structure around then myself. Who did this alone isolated from my even family.

    It was a shitty couple years letting go of all of that. Even a few years ago before that letting go of something so that my crown chakra (connection to god) could come online and begin guiding me into the place where I could start the process of … climbing the ladder.

    I didn’t realize that I was Jacob (from the movie). I was in hell, but didn’t know it. Easy to keep you there if don’t realize your there in the first place. Or that your going to go there … maybe that’s it instead?

    And every time feel myself doubting that feminine energy/connection when she says (communicates with feeling) that you are deeper in than I was. She becomes vicious from my perspective. And to not question her on this. Then goes right back to pleading for me to keep going.

    So I don’t know how you will go about getting yourself out. But, apparently that is what you need to do. Perhaps you getting into place you need to be in order for that to happen. Let God/The Divine know you are ready to be guided into that place.

    It’s what I did about 8.5 years ago. And God/Angels were kind enough to let me know I’m free as of yesterday with this gem … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpmZ2Q2hC1c&list=WL&index=11&t=0s and a few other things.

    The prescription that worked for me was sexual continence/celibacy. Practicing the 3rd Buddhist precept, as a means to understanding the 1st and most important precept … Learning to value life/consciousness.

    But, I would again just ask God for guidance and do what resonates with you. Was always sex for me. I suppose it will be different path for you. And likely that is why you did Ayahuasca.

    Best wishes. It fucking sucks. But, it is of course worth it.

  2. Side Note:

    Maybe the Shaman knows better. But, from my perspective …

    You were not purging yourself of the Trauma/attachments you have, you were instead purging yourself of the medicine that perhaps could do that for you.

    Something to think about, if don’t already have an answer.

      1. its a fair criticism or rather a observation that your perspective was maybe too much of an analysis of the process rather than the process itself leading to greater insight in your own personal development and therefore that person was not imposing simply offering you advice you can choose to take or not when engaging in self exploration…it seems like your ego has stopped this information from being recievied…something to consider. (also get nae nae’d)

        1. You stop over to someone else’s site to mansplain to him how his own personal experience should be contextualized… while saying others need to check their Ego. Your comment is perfect in an unintended way.

  3. Thanks for sharing Mike. Appreciate you taking the time to share, and for being so vulnerable. Sending love your way.

  4. Hi Mike, Oh boy! This was great. I’ve seen interviews and asked people who have done Ayahusca to explain to me what happens and other than – hugging the bucket and meeting Mother Ayahuasca – I couldn’t get much else. You are SO generous to share your experience with us. I was scribbling notes on post-its so I could look at them later. Shine so others can shine. People helped you so you have to help other people. You’re special because you’re you, but you’re not special because you are you. Everyone is on their own path and it takes as long as it takes (love that). But what I really needed to hear yesterday was the Demons were taunting you. Something weird was happening in my personal life yesterday and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I heard you say those words. There’s so much more I want to say, but just know deep gratefulness comes your way. Can’t wait to see how you integrate all this good stuff. Blessings!

  5. Mike, check your contact form submissions (trying to make a $1,000 donation, legit.)

    My full contact details are in the message.

    Thank you.

  6. Ego and God. Thank you for helping me put myself back together. It’s going great so far. Please share more about what this experience changed the way you understand big things. At your service. Sergio López

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