Fear, or perhaps terror, sets in as the day approaches. You’re about to enter a world where your Ego and Will dissolve into a collective world we haven’t been taught to prepare for. You may be greeted by a gentle tree of life or be confronted with demonic like creatures and other horrifying aberrations. You might vomit from a loss of equilibrium.

There is no way but through.

Fear dominates our lives. The fear of love because love requires loss. Loss of control over yourself or control over the world, as the world will always take away those we love, or will take away us from those who love us back.

Fear is with us even when we feel strong and angry, because anger Is fear manifested as aggression. Fear is with us when we are afraid to take a chance, even when the risk without any rational downsides. (Your feelings might be hurt if you make The Ask of someone in business or in life is a long ride away from a fear that offending the wrong person might lead to your death.)

The only way through fear is through fear.

To confront the psychological and emotional buzzsaw that rips your face off when you press forward when your mind is telling you to hide behind the wall.

Vision quests and rites of passages.

Some claim men are breaking down because there isn’t a “rite of passage.” I disagree, there are many such rites of passages today. The failure is in the lack of integration. What does the experience mean?

Even a vision question metaphor fails because in traditional societies you transitioned from one defined role to another stable role, which would last most of your lifetime. You go from boy to warrior or tribesman.

The average person will change careers four times. The number might be hire.

I myself have gone from lawyer, writer, to journalist and filmmaker, with stops as “gym bro” and “party boy” in between. I’ve worn the uniform and fought in a ring.

There is only you.

Journeys to the spirit world are led by shamans, who have seen others experience what you’re about to experience. They are with you.

As you go deeper into the universe within yourself, or the spirit world, or wherever the place that exists beyond our understanding of physical space and time, you realize the journey is yours only.

Preparing for this Journey.

There are some physical steps people recommend, for example you should go off caffeine a few days before the journey, because these travels take time, and a caffeine withdrawal headache can present some problems. You should also eat small amounts of food, and preferably easily digestible ones, as the plant medicine has to digest.

I do a sweat in a sauna and some extra hard cardio the week of the event, to ensure my respiratory system is up for it.

The power of breath.

It’s hard to feel afraid when you control your breathing.

Five or so years ago I began the Wim Hof breathing practice, with excellent results.

You can read about Wim Hof breathing here.

You’ll get what you FOCUS on.

You’ll learn and you’ll be taught.

What you learn is a product of your focus.

The week before, it’s helpful to go deep within yourself, to ask what you want to find.

Surrender to the process.

Some say we only have the illusion of free will. Illusory or not, we have a feeling that we are in control. When that feeling goes away, you’ll know true humility and powerlessness.

Until you pass through….

What happens then, is only for You to find….


10 Replies to “The Other Side of Fear”

  1. You going to a Monastery? Or are you describing some kind of personal at home Spiritual “journey”… I have done so–spiritual retreats at New Melleray Abbey outside of DuBuque Iowa, founded by Irish Monks who devote their entire lives to God, working the land and being self sufficient. Its not your “Oprah” kind of retreat. As real and spiritual as you choose to make it. Much of the time there is in silence, prayer, meditation and good food prepared on site by the Monks. Excellent location to do such a personal retreat, and one could fast, exercise and get off coffee before the trip as well.

    Godspeed to All on whatever Journey method is chosen

  2. I started following you early 2015. I have watched as your life changed with Julius and then your beautiful daughters (let’s not forget your wonderful wife Shauna). I saw you in the field fighting for what you believe in, doing live journalism, going toe to toe with the haters on the left, fighting for us and against Hillary Clinton. Even when you did not agree with President Trump, you had a clear reason and remained respectful of the office. While I may not always agree with you (rarely) you have my utmost respect. A 60 minute interview, to confronting fake news at the White House presser… you somehow managed to write another book and make a movie. Impressive.

    I am looking forward to learning from your spiritual journey and seeing what’s next for you & the Cernovich family.

  3. Are you going on a Ayahuasca journey?
    I am on my last steps/ in my last weeks of an LSD/ psilocybin therapy. I recover from a childhood trauma. It works great. Nothing else helped. Normal psychotherapy doesn’t allow you to dive deep into yourself and your trauma.

    That‘s why your words sound familiar to what I experience since the last six months when I started around mid July. I do this all without a shaman or therapist because I don‘t know anyone and I do things myself like you do. I learned from Stanislav Grof and the trauma/ childhood related things from psychanalytics like Alexander Lowen etc. I read over a hundred books regarding to all this.
    I love your work.
    All the best to you and your family,

  4. Mike,

    I wish you well on your journey Mike, and will pray for you and your family. I Pray you abide in God’s gentleness and mercy, keeping your mind about you and be reminded to “test the spirits.” How could one rationally out wit a higher dimensional being, a spiritual being? So, be careful Mike. Remember your identity is in Christ.

    What stands remarkable and genius, is when the Holy Spirit works in hearts first. Making sure the root of the Inner-Man is at peace, filled with joy, before the mind is transformed.

    Again, I wish you well on your journey, I pray for wisdom and strength for you Mike. May God show you the way, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    1. Could’t agree more w this comment & would urge you to be attentive to where the spirits you’re following are from cause, if I’m not mistaken, there are a bunch running wild. Personally, I am a Catholic & invite you to check us out. Just make sure the sources you approach are legit Catholics. I know you’re in CA so reach out to Bishop Barron.

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