Read more more about Mike Cernovich, including the lies in his Wikipedia page.

Hoaxed Movie is officially released!


Cernovich’s forced Congressman John Conyers to resign after Cernovich obtained records involving a confidential sexual harassment settlement made between Conyers and a former staffer.

Recently Cernovich won a freedom of the press case in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in a case seeking to hold Jeffrey Epstein accountable. Cernovich’s involvement in the case was widely covered by the Miami Herald and other outlets.

Cernovich produced two feature-length films and several short films.

Hoaxed movie is now available (click here)!


Cernovich’s first book Gorilla Mindset (buy it here) is an international best-seller with over 1,100 reviews on Amazon.

Mike Cernovich has held Gorilla Mindset seminars all over the world.

Cernovich broke the Susan Rice unmasking story and secured legal documents implicating then-Congressman John Conyers in a confidential and illegal “off-the-books” sexual harassment settled.

Cernovich’s journalism was wide-reaching and involved every issue from national security to sexual harassment in Congress.

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What is your deepest fear and how can you face it?

Is it possible to reinvent yourself through the power of story?

What is a Strange Loop, and what does it have to do with mindset?

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  • The psychology of fear, and how to overcome shame

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This is sort of table of contents for the master class.


1. “Stop Worrying”

2. The Strange Loop

3. What is Mindset?

4. Childhood

5. The Click and The Snap


6. The Power of Self Talk

7. Focus and Framing

8. Mindfulness


9. Vision

10. Lifestyle

11. Skill

12. Story

13. Identity

14. Money


15. What does Gorilla Mindset mean? (Book Design and Marketing)

16. How Do You Physically Re-Write Memories?

17. What if everyone believes they can shape reality?

18. How do you pick yourself up out of being down?

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  • “Enjoyed it’s thematic simplicity…..Rewrite your story, and define yourself as the person in the story….Not letting a negative experience or other people define yourself…”
  • “Having Mike give his insight when participants went up to speak. It’s very helpful having an outside perspective to call us on our bullshit”
  • “Be aware of the story you tell yourself … How’s that story working out for you? How can we make that story serve us rather than hurt us?”
  • “Thank You Mike, I felt like I owed you, partially based on your involvement in the election…..Realized the need to return to self-improvement and more regular reading on the subject……thoroughly surprised I was so uncomfortable public speaking, considered this a strong area more than a decade before…..”

How toorder the Mindset Master Class

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  1. Fascinating short on Qatar. And, if they were just a little oil sheikhdom, why not curry public opinion? However, in my considered opinion, as an intel profile and not a criminal accusation, it looks like Qatar is the catspaw of the Deep State, being used as a money-for-influence pipeline by Soetoro’s Shadow Regime, quarterbacked by Brennan, to push the interests of the anti-Trump cabal inside the US, that consistently continues to champion the Iranian interest. Who is bigger, the Emir or the ‘ex’-President? Who is more likely to be using whom? Kto-kogo?

  2. Links do not work, probably were scrubbed along with a lot of other things on the Internet. This only makes me want to watch them more.

    I have a script that would totally peeve every liberal and globalist on Earth.

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