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Your Guide to Winning in Your 20s, 30s, and Beyond



What started off as a casual chat turned into the must-listen to podcast for anyone in their 20s, or for any parent who wants to give the absolute best advice available to their family.

Hardy Haberlan and I discussed:

  • What you absolutely have to know and do before it’s too late,
  • The biggest mistake I made in my 20s, and how to avoid this,
  • What it feels like when the entire world is trying to destroy you, and how to overcome this,
  • Three pillars of personal branding,
  • The 5 Book Rule and the best books to read across genres,
  • How the Internet has changed and why you must evolve,

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes (here) or Soundcloud (here) or watch it on YouTube:

Be sure to stay updated with Hardy

And for more focus, check out Gorilla Mind.

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Life Stories with Joanna Garzilli



This was an interview I wasn’t prepared for as we went into childhood and other subjects.

Listen to the interview below (or subscribe on iTunes),

and learn more about Joanna Garzilli here.


You can read her book Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success here.


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Top 10 Podcasts of 2019



With so many podcast episodes each week, you may not know where to start. Here are the top 10 listened to episodes of the podcast in 2019:

1. The Complete Guide to Winning in Your 20’s and 30’s.

2. Mike & Jay Episode 1

3. Mike & Jay Episode 4

4. Podcasting, Fasting, and Cold Showers

5. How to Win Big by Starting Small

6. How to Use Fasting for Fat Loss and Spiritual Awareness

7. What Do You Wish You Had Learned Sooner

8. Mike & Jay Episode 2

9. Mike & Jay Episode 3

10. Scott Adams Interview

You can subscribe to the podcast for free here on iTunes and here on Spotify.

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