• If you’re coming over here from Twitter, be sure to read Cernovich.com daily. My book reviews, which I don’t do enough of, are the fan favorite.

I don’t live a conventional life, and thus my social media isn’t one-dimensional. Most “political” people only tweet about politics. Or business people about business.

I write book reviews, speak openly about using drugs, break major stories, and talk a lot of shit. I’ve been a massive gym bro, have made films, and am also a licensed attorney. My first book Gorilla Mindset has sold over 100,000 copies.

You’ll thus find tweets about business, media, politics, fitness, drugs, and also random stuff that you won’t find elsewhere. This style frustrates expectations.

I run the most unfollowed account on Twitter. On average over 2,000 people a week unfollow me.

Internet person sees something they like, they follow, and then see stuff they don’t like.

It takes around 3 weeks to “get” my Twitter, as my style is unusual and unlike what you’re used to. I retweet dissenting points of view often, which leads people confused as to what I personally believe.

I curate, by this I mean bring your attention to experts you may not have ever heard of. Compare my timeline to others, and find someone who retweets people more often than I do. You won’t be able to.

I block quickly. You’ll think you’re totally owning me with a comment when the truth is that you’re unoriginal. I’ve heard it all.

Even an aggressive question or snide remark like “Really?” gets you blocked. Some will say this is because I am afraid of debate, but you must be new here. I’ve debated enough for many lifetimes and have no interest in arguing with people on the Internet.

You might not think you’ll care that I blocked you, but people ask me several times a day to unblock them. In real life at events people also mention I blocked them and asked for an unblock.

I also have a podcast, which you can listen to (and leave a review) here.


2 Replies to “New to Cerno Twitter? Read this first.”

  1. Mike,
    Thank you so much for your bringing attention on how the elites are normalizing pedo’s.
    This is truly the most dangerous thing for our children and I am grateful to you for raising awareness.
    This Minor Attracted Persons thing is pure EVIL. These people need to be stopped. Cold.
    I know you are going to keep at this and so am I.
    God bless you Mike.

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