Nit-picking or mansplaining. Yes, “mansplaining” is real, and it’s annoying. I have the smartest people in the world on speed dial. (Do people even use “speed dial” anymore?) You’re not telling me something I don’t know or can’t find out. Tedious But actually dudes get blocked.

Monomania. Global warming people are like this. You are welcome to your pet issues. You don’t need to let me know that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF ALL TIME WHY AREN’T YOU COVERING IT.

Demanding I cover what you want me to cover. I have a bi-weekly private conference call with supporters where people can ask me any question they like. Jumping into a video and ordering me around is not on the menu.

  • If you’re a supporter and don’t have my Member’s Only email, contact me here.

Not supporting Gorilla Mindset. It’s my life’s work. I’m proud of it, and the good its done for the world. If you don’t like my plugging it, I’ll do us both a favor and ensure you never see that happen again.

Correcting a typo. I don’t care. If typos bother you, don’t read. Often what you consider a typo is strategic, as typos increase engagement because people have to stop to focus on them. Other times a typo is an inside joke. For example I blocked a guy who “corrected” me for putting “Melanie” in a title about the First Lady. This was a joke about Trump’s typo from a while back. You didn’t get the joke. You got blocked.

  • Also, on average, I get 4,000 @ replies and comments a day. Four thousand. Weeding out typos for substantive comments is time consuming.

Spamming me links to your site. Who taught people to do this? It makes no sense to me. It’s bad human behavior.

Offering me unsolicited advice. It’s boring. I live my life with a high level of consciousness and deliberation. Just because YOU don’t understand something doesn’t mean I haven’t carefully considered it.

Whining about Gorilla Mind line of products. I invested in a company, which makes amazing products.

It’s top quality and a way better value than what you’ll find elsewhere.

Complaining about something. Bye!

Don’t take it personal.

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