New York

Washington, D.C.

  • Sunday June 24th –  Happy hour at Trump Hotel D.C.

I may announce a Thursday night (June 21st) happy hour in New York.

Hoaxed premiere update.

A few people have heard we’ll be doing a private screening of Hoaxed in New York. That’s inaccurate.

Although the rough cut is ready, there are all sorts of rules about entering film festivals after you’ve had a “public” showing of Hoaxed.

A few people have seen some of rough cut, and here’s what they are saying:

  • “7 min in and I’m already blown away”
  • “This is the film I wanted.”
  • “Blown away, this isn’t just red meat for MAGA. It’s going to reach a lot of centrists, too.”
  • “Overall excellent. Long. You’re right, could have been a 5 part release in fact I think you could release it broken up this way and or with a 90 minute version.”
  • “Love the premise from the start: YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE contrasts with what the Media writes.”

Find out more about Hoaxed here.

P.S. My tips for top sleep while traveling.

Traveling disrupts sleep schedules, so here are some tips. Get a Manta Sleep Mask. I don’t have a deal with that company, but it’s by far the best sleep mask ever invented.

It’s also not cheap, but when it comes to sleep, don’t skimp. The Manta Sleep Mask is incredible.

Put on some binaural beats. You’re technically supposed to wear head phones, but I still sleep well with them playing in the background on my laptop or through a bluetooth phone.

I take 3-4 Gorilla Dream before bed when on the road, and am out within 30 minutes. You can check out Gorilla Dream for yourself here.

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