Professional boxer Ed Latimore and fitness and movement expert Alexander Cortes will be joining me for the New York mindset seminar. They will be covering their own material, which means in one day you’ll have access to

  • A complete mindset model to change how you life,
  • Expert fitness and health advice,
  • Mental coaching for athletes and students.

A lot of people have questions about building your own online businesses and brands, and although that won’t be the focus of the seminar, you are welcome to ask any question you might have about branding during the Q&A.

The invitation-only seminar is June 23rd in New York, and will most likely be my last East Coast seminar of the year.

Request an invitation here.

What can you expect at a Gorilla Mindset seminar?

First, you’ll meet some of the best people of your life. Everyone there, regardless of background, shares a commitment to living their best life.

Second, we start off by focusing on the Gorilla Mindset model:

  • Each chapter of Gorilla Mindset is separate yet connected,
  • Self-talk and language patterns,
  • How metaphors embedded in language shape how you view yourself and the world,
  • Proper posture in standing, walking, and working.
  • How to re-write your past to create a new future.

From there we cover story-telling, memories, reality creation, and whatever else is on your mind.

We always have a lengthy question-and-answer.

BEWARE:¬†Our mindset seminars are intense. One complaint I got recently was that I don’t coddle people enough. We don’t sit around crying about the unfairness of life. We identity issues, focus on solutions, and take action.

We do not discuss politics at all.

As anyone who has read Gorilla Mindset knows, it’s an apolitical book. Our only focus is to help people from all over the world live the best life possible.

Besides, I am beyond bored with politics and have been focusing on my mindset work more.

What if you can’t attend a seminar?

No big deal! I have filmed two seminars, and both are available for free viewing here.

I am also going to release my Mindset “Master Class” this Summer.

That said, I only have a few regrets. Two stand out.

When Gerry Spence was trying his last case, the defense of¬†Geoffrey Fieger, a friend of mine flew out to watch it. He had a hotel room for me to stay at. I didn’t want to spend the $298 on a plane ticket. Missing out on watching one of the greatest trial lawyers in history to save a few bucks showed how defective my mindset was.

I used to only look at costs, not benefits. Oscar Wilde defined a cynic, “A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” The one exception to this rule was buying books. I always spent “way too much money” on books, and that “bad habit” paid off for me, even if half of my books aren’t fully read yet.

Another regret is that I never watched Dr. Gene Scott preach live at the University Cathedral. I took it for granted that he’d always be alive. Probably more than anyone, Dr. Gene Scott influences my presentation style.

Dr. Scott would go on long diatribes about books, history, philosophy, and religion. He’d rant at his own audience for some perceived slight. For over five years I lived within an hour of his church, and never took the trip down there. Why?

I took opportunities for granted and assumed the world I desired would magically always be there for me.

Contact me to request an invitation.

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