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What People are Saying about Hoaxed

We all know the feeling of logging onto the Internet and reading fake news stories. The latest fake news story is that Joy Reid’s computer was hacked by time travelers. Fake news is a simulation, that is, an artificial construct of reality. What we know as “the news” simply isn’t true.


Hoaxed will break through the media Simulation.

Hoaxed has two directors hard at work editing 100+ hours of interviews with 25 luminaries.

We took production to another level in Hoaxed.

But why would I tell you that, when it’s a film. Let’s show you.

Shot in film noir style, Hoaxed as a sci-fi vibe at times.

Who is in Hoaxed?

You can expect to see a lot of names you’d expect (Scott Adams, Stefan Molyneux, Cernovich), and some you wouldn’t expect.

What I Learned working on my Second Film.

Hoaxed is the second feature-length film I’ve produced, and I learned a lot from producing short and long films.

I held a contest to choose the directors for Hoaxed. My philosophy is simple: Every day is an audition. I must show value to YOU in every article, podcast, or even Tweet. Although my art isn’t for everyone, I put my soul into it.

With Hoaxed, my thinking went as follows: If you’re too good to put your soul into a piece of art and to demonstrate you want to be part of Cerno Films, then you think you’re too good for me and the people who read me. That’s a double failure.

We are working with two directors (Scoot Downey and Jon du Toit), and they got along great. I’ve mostly stayed out of their way, other than to offer some storytelling tips.

Meet Scooter:

Meet Jon:

Also, Silenced backers had a common complaint, namely that I wasn’t in it enough. That may seem self-serving, but Silenced wasn’t supposed to be about me. We wanted to get in the 50+ people we interviewed.

And although I appear on camera daily, people who know me consider me introverted and shy. I turn down media interviews all of the time. Leading from the front, like George S. Patton, is required in our Culture Wars. But I’d rather see other stars rise.

You will see a lot of me in Hoaxed.

I also ensured that we had a solid plan from the beginning, and upped our production game.

We hired a dedicated director of cinematography.

Hoaxed even has its own music video.

You see the production value in the clips above.

Where can you buy Hoaxed?


Where to Watch Hoaxed Movie

iTunes here

Vimeo here

YouTube here

VuDu here

DVDs here

6 Replies to “Hoaxed Movie is LIVE!”

  1. Hi Mike. Are you aware that Vimeo seems to have pulled your movie? I wanted to either rent or purchase it but it’s no longer there. All of your links to it bring me to a page that says “Gone, baby, gone”, “Sorry, this page is no longer available.”

    Searching for it in their on-demand area doesn’t find it, either.

    Is there another site hosting the movie?

      1. So, this wasn’t them censoring your movie? That’s what I assumed it was. I hope it wasn’t.

        I look forward to the re-release!

  2. I’ve been disappointed with the media for years. Brent Bozell identified their bias to me and I it’s reinforced on college campuses nation wide. University professors prop them up by telling their students what media sources (left wing) are acceptable. Pop their bubble Mike, it’s the dawn of a new age in journalism!

  3. It seems Vimeo has pulled Hoaxed and Amazon has pulled Silenced … I’m very interested in renting these two docs, can you please email me when and where they become available again at your earliest convenience? Thx

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