The future belongs to the storytellers,” is a sentence ethical writers search for, as it strikes me as an obvious concept and I don’t and want to accidentally plagiarize. It shouldn’t surprise long-time readers that a trial lawyer gave a speech entitled, “‘The Future Belongs to Those Who Tell the Best Stories.”

The future belongs to the storytellers, and so does the present.

Much has been written about the decline of traditional industrial jobs. Usually these are styled as complaints about how, “America doesn’t build anything anymore,” and while it make be true that a project like the Interstate Freeway System would be impossible today, it’s better to find solutions than focus on problems.

Until AI enslaves all of us, a problem we probably won’t face for another 20 years, you’re going to earn your living performing a service of some sort, and that means you’ll learn how to tell stories or you’ll die.

A friend of mine is a mechanic. How does he get customers? Through story telling. He has a YouTube channel and Yelp page where he tells the story of his business and himself.

Of course that’s not the entire story behind Hoaxed.

Twenty years ago I set out to write a “timeless” book.

Every d-bag in Los Angeles is “writing a book” or “working on a movie.”

I’ve now written a signature book, Gorilla Mindset, and shipped my second film, though the first was a bit forgettable.

What will I do next?

In my own mind I’ve set out to write a great novel.

But what does this navel-gazing have to do with you? More than you think.

Good story tellers know you put the reader first. Great story tellers know there’s a minor exception. As someone who is a sort of living character of a performative nature at times, people want to understand my motivations. (This is why people fail when they try copying my swag. Until people care about you, never use “I.” It’s all about “YOU.”)

Yet there is a lesson in this madness.

Some of you have been around here for 5 or more years.

What have you done?

What have I done?

Been pretty busy, by all objective metrics.

I said two or three years ago that I didn’t want to be someone whose primary business was mindset.

I wanted to prove that the principles of Gorilla Mindset can be applied to any endeavor.

And I’ve proven that.

Which is maybe why I’m less patient with others than I used to be.

Nothing is stopping anyone from living their dreams today.

Not feminism.

Not Islam.

Not Christians.

Not the patriarchy.

There’s never been a better time to be alive.

Make the most of it.

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