Even mainstream conservatives are being no-platformed. Some people are being banned entirely from countries for blasphemy. The separation of Church and State is over. If you insult Allah (which I don’t think you should do as it’s nasty behavior like putting a crucifix in a jar of urine), you’ll be banned from entire nations, and you won’t even be able to hold events in American venues.

Why doesn’t someone buy a venue?
Call it No-Platform.

  • This is NOT an investment solicitation. It’s an idea some of us are discussing, and which you’re invited to think about.

With one major event a year, the property would break even.

This isn’t speculation on my part, as I threw two major events this year, in addition to 3 or 4 mindset seminars.

I paid out over $50,000 in venue fees this year already, and people want more events.


We were actually planning on hosting four events this year, and we’ve held two already. Our July event was moved as the New York venue is under renovations.

There’s major demand for events where people can just hang out and talk. In fact, the “party style” events are more popular than my mindset events, which always sell out.

Plus you have the underlying asset, which unlike a “media brand” or “website,” tends to actually hold value.

Given our network, we could buy the property outright in an trust and do a leaseback agreement.

Let’s think about this and maybe hold a conference call.

Some “ideas” I don’t need to hear.

  • Let’s have it in New York/Chicago/Los Angeles!

Buying a venue in an overpriced, deeply blue real estate market is a non-starter.

  • It’s going to be have [insert problem].

I want to talk to solution-oriented people, not problem-pointer-outers.

The pros are massive. We have people who want to attend events. These people want to pay money to attend events. Venues cancel because 5 or 10 psychopaths call in with death threats.

No-Platform could be a premier event space, hosting everyone from comedians to political thinkers.

What would No-Platform look like?

  • 250-500 person capacity venue, although bigger could be better.
  • P/A system suitable for speakers and musicians.
  • Deep red county where police will do their jobs / not let vandalism occur.
  • Possible live-work space attached, where we could give a couple of people residence in order to ensure someone was always on premise.
  • Within a reasonable distance from a major airport.

Again, this is NOT an investment solicitation.

We are in the ideas / vision phase.

I want to talk to people who see the challenges and opportunities, not pit-pickers and whiners.

If you have actual experience, get in touch.

Friends, again, I don’t be to be gruff. But I’m busy. I have a film coming out in 6 to 8 weeks, a book launching alongside the film, and another book in the works. Oh, and my Mindset Master Class is due for release. People who want to chew the fat or give their opinions aren’t wanted.

We need people with the resources, skills, knowledge, and motivation to execute.

If you understand our unique challenges and opportunities, reach out.

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