Highlighting the insightful and usually reclusive Stefan Molyneux, a Night for Freedom drew huge crowds. Event organizer Mike Cernovich even had to cut off ticket sales, as the venue had been oversold.

Here’s what we learned, and how we will improved.

Our people are really cool and accepting of disagreements.

Chelsea Manning attended a Night for Freedom. A few veterans came up to me and said, “Keep that person away from me.”

Others really liked her.

There was zero drama from our people. Everyone was cool.

People want to party.

I got the idea for a Night from Freedom while attending the DNC’s after party, which hosted Snoop Dogg at a major night club. I thought, “Why don’t Republicans ever do anything like this?”

A Night for Freedom was an opportunity to socialize and party with open-minded people.

That said, many people told me the party went longer than they wanted, and they would have preferred having more podcasting and Q&A time.

For future events, we will likely have 2-3 hours of a club vibe.

Venues will outright try to “punk” people.

The first venue booked assured me they were excited to host a Night for Freedom. I had a Plan B venue on deposit, and the first studio told me to not be foolish. They loved us and even listened to our podcasts.

On Friday at 2:30 PM EST time, the first venue owner told me he couldn’t host us, because he needed a “permit.” This was after he told me they required an additional $9,000 (on top of the $16,000 I paid them) for “fire marshals.” The venue owner claimed that under New York City law, a fire marshal was required for every 75 people who attended the event. (Yes, this is all in writing, and yes we are taking appropriate legal action.)

I can respect a business owner who may not like me because of the lies he or she has read. But this wasn’t the case of someone being honest. This was an outright stunt designed to prevent a Night for Freedom from happening at all.

Brunch was too crowded.

Sponsors joined Molyneux and Cernovich for brunch. Even though the brunches were split into two separate groups, some felt that they didn’t get enough one-on-one time.

Future events will limit the number of sponsor and Super Sponsor tickets. We want to ensure that the VIP experience is truly memorable.


Join us in Washington D.C. on February 24th for another Night for Freedom!


Watch the talks from A Night for Freedom here:

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