Max Boot, a Never Trump’er, who called sex trafficker and terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi courageous, today Tweeted in defense of the Trail of Tears and the internment (concentration camps) of Japanese Americans.

In a deleted Tweet posted earlier today, Boot wrote, “Nixon was guilty of abusing his authority, but he didn’t subordinate foreign policy to personal interests. Other presidents – from Jackson’s Trail of Tears to FDR’s internment of Japanese-Americans – trampled our values, but they had a public purpose.”


Boot’s Tweet made itself into a column at the Washington Post here:

If there is a historical precedent for this egregious misconduct, I’m not aware of it — and Trump defenders haven’t found one either. President Richard M. Nixon was guilty of abusing his authority, but he didn’t subordinate foreign policy to his personal political interests as Trump has. (He did secretly urge South Vietnam not to join peace talks in 1968 to aid his campaign, but he wasn’t president then.) Other presidents — from Andrew Jackson with the Trail of Tears during the 1830s, to Franklin D. Roosevelt with the internment of U.S. citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II — have trampled on our values, but they always had a public purpose and usually had congressional support.

Max Boot, a prominent Never Trump’er, seemed to be making the hackneyed Trump-is-worse-than-Hitler argument. His unhinged defense of concentration camps was disavowed by conservatives and liberals alike.





5 Replies to “WaPo Columnist Max Boot Celebrates the “Trail of Tears” and Concentration Camps”

  1. The Trail of Tears had a “public purpose”(?) except for the Native Americans! I actually read some Black person’s statement advocating that Anglo-Saxon Whites should be abolished. Where is the “public purpose” there? Please explain.

  2. Max Boot has no standing to talk about anything related to armed forces. Max needs to gain practical experience in combat. I suggest he form the Max Boot Brigade to facilitate demonstration of his combat expertise. Don’t worry Max free travel and M4 part of proposal.

  3. Who is this knucklehead? Max who? Sounds like he’s never experienced an uncomfortable day in his life.

    He’s speaking upon things he has absolutely no knowledge addressing.

    If he wants experience perhaps he should visit other parts of the world, or even other parts of this country, for that matter.

    I answered the nations call and served. As a Native American wounded warrior serving in the United States Army Special Forces I take offense at HIS rhetoric.

    Again, he’s clueless!

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