Mike Cernovich took a hiatus from political reporting to study ayahuasca, and upon his return obtained the results of a poll that the corporate media spiked because it showed Bernie Sanders leading the pack. 538 has confirmed this scoop almost three days later.


Cernovich’s original Tweet was posted February 1st.


In their post confirming Cernovich’s scoop, they refused to name Mike Cernovich, who many consider to be the most feared man in media.

If you’re the sort of person who was glued to political Twitter on Saturday night — and God help you if you are — you would have seen a mass freak-out when it was announced that that the Des Moines Register would not release the much-anticipated final version of its Iowa Poll (conducted in conjunction with CNN and Selzer & Co.).

Nevertheless, a tweet made the rounds that night purporting to give the poll’s results, and after doing some reporting around this, FiveThirtyEight can confirm that it contains the correct final findings of the unreleased Iowa poll: Sanders 22 percent, Warren 18 percent, Buttigieg 16 percent, Biden 13 percent. Imagine the news cycle that would have been, with national front-runner Biden making such a poor showing in the last, highest-profile poll before the caucuses.

Yes, a tweet by some guy made the rounds.

Reached for comment, Cernovich had this to say, “Plant medicine has shown me that people have unprocessed trauma. I am working harder to lead with compassion and empathy, and to not take slights personally.”

Read more about Mike Cernovich here.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

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