The jury forewoman in the Roger Stone case said the following under oath: “So I recall just hearing about [Roger Stone] being part of the campaign and some belief or reporting around interaction with the Russian probe and interaction with him and people in the country, but I don’t have a whole lot of details. I don’t pay that close attention or watch C-SPAN.”

A review of the jury forewoman’s social media account directly contradicts her sworn testimony:

During Jury Selection all jurors were asked this question:

Question 23 on the Jury Questionnaire asked:

  • “Have you written or posted anything for public consumption about the defendant, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election, or the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller? [For purposes of this question, writing ‘for public consumption’ includes blog posts, articles, or posts on internet sites that are available to the general public.]”

Juror Tameka Hart had posted dozens of times about the Special Counsel investigation into Trump and other related matters.

Juror Tameka Hart posted about the defendant Roger Stone himself.

After the pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone, where FBI SWAT team members showed up to Roger Stone’s home, many questioned why this force was used.

Juror Tameka Hart had this to say about the raid on Roger Stone.

What did the juror answer on this questionnaire? 

We will have more developments on this story soon!

Read our prior reporting on the Roger Stone jury here.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

5 Replies to “She Lied Under Oath! Social Media Posts Contradict Roger Stone Juror’s Testimony”

  1. Bookmarked the site because Cernovitch seems to be breaking news before anyone else, and what do I find the first time I refresh it? More breaking news, hot off the presses and sourced, even before Drudge got it.

    I’m impressed.

    1. Me too. This sounds like an angry BLM woman with an agenda. This whole thing stinks. I know Roger Stone isn’t a great guy but the judge and (at least) ths juror are biased.

  2. Trump’s tweet triggered Tomeka (without the trigger we not know her name), and Cernovich tweet triggered the MSM. Keep it up boys. keep on tweeting!

  3. Deep state leftists attack Roger Stone as a stand-in/surrogate for President Trump . They really want to remove our MAGA POTUS über alles. They would nuke a city and kill millions if they (a) had the nuke and (b) knew they’d get Trump in the process.

  4. I always wondered about “Grand Juries”, who picks them and who “stacks the deck”. I see that here in Louisville, an agenda 21 / Sanctuary City. A “change Agent” “psychologist” does that for us. Funny there’s only democrats running for judge here.
    A retired 87 yr old retired schoolteacher tells me that when he was in the Jefferson County school system, “they were bringing in communists to teach our children. That hasn’t stopped.” I am convinced we were all raised as little communists and told we are democrats. Jim Willie reported years ago that UPS is flying in immigrants by the thousands on their midnight flights. The Catholic charities settle them. Add Common (Communist) Core curriculum for their indoctrination. Thank you for opening this pandora box!

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