First movies, then video games, and now memes. The media is outraged not by actual ANTIFA violence against Trump supporters but instead are targeting a meme video, which is being characterized as an “incitement to violence.”

The video was an adaptation of the Church Massacre scene from a film that grossed half-a-billion dollars at the box office. No one in the media had an issue with a man going into a church to slaughter Christians, in a video that has over 7,500,000 views.

You can watch the Trump meme video here:


You can watch the scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service Here:

Did that movie scene incite violence?

Many have pointed out that the New York Times sponsored Shakespeare in the Park. In 2017 the play depicted Trump being assassinated with knives.

And that the White House press corp laughed about violence against Trump supporters

Maybe 10 people saw the meme video. Now millions have.

And that the meme video wasn’t widely shown, and instead was played in some side room as an example (not an endorsement) of memes.

(This is the room where the meme video was shown.)

The media’s outrage is an example of amplifying a trivial true event to manufactures outrage.

They do this every day.

None dare call it a hoax.

4 Replies to “Do Memes Cause Violence”

  1. In the Matrix:
    Speech is violence.
    Violence is speech.

    Those who currently run our world invert all values.

  2. In my opinion, take it for what it’s worth, we should ignore the outrage and pearl clutching about this video, just like how the other side ignores Antifa violence. Simply don’t cover it. Perception becomes reality.

  3. Journalists believe they won the Meme War. The defeated are expect to surrender. Memes about “murdering” journalist logos show a spark of resistance. The red state plebes need to be totally crushed and humiliated.

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