A member of ANTIFA attempted to murder someone for attending my event in January, 2018. He’s going to spend 18 months in prison:

An “Antifa” street thug can now look forward to continuing his fight — from jail. David Campbell, 32, copped a plea for his role in a 2018 beatdown outside the Night for Freedom party in Manhattan organized by right-wing activist Mike Cernovich. Campbell pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault and will be sentenced on Oct. 23 to 18 months in the slammer, reps for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. told The Post.

18 months seems like a light sentenced, but it’s the longest any member of ANTIFA has received.

Watch: ANTIFA terrorists attack a 56 year old man, then threaten a reporter covering the event.

Those who assisted David Campbell (and this includes a member of the “media”) will soon find themselves subject to civil lawsuits as well. Enjoy those knocks on the door…..


5 Replies to “18 Months in State Prison”

  1. Didn’t appreciate the “journalist” pointing out that a policeman pushed him. But when asked if an individual hit him he said nothing about the girl that almost knocked his camera out of his hand. So he gave a woman a pass.

  2. Seems like a very light sentence for 2 felony assaults that made someone go to the ER in an ambulance. In Montana that would get you at least 3 yrs each of actual time with probably another 2 suspended. But it will open the door to all the civil stuff for the victims. Hope they enjoy the civil suits and eventual debtor’s exams.

  3. We know that Cernovich never let this attack go and made sure this antifa dude got imprisoned. Great work and perseverance, Mike!

  4. Definitely a double standard in sentencing. Proud boy members just received 4 years in prison for similar attack.

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