David Campbell, a member of the New York cell of ANTIFA, will be sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to two felonies for his anti-Semitic attack in New York.

Campbell had been charged with several crimes after he violently attacked a Jewish party-goer outside of A Night for Freedom, an event hosted by Mike Cernovich in January, 2017. A Night for Freedom welcomed all people, including Chelsea Manning. Manning herself was attacked by the left for attending the event, even though she admitted that everyone at my party was gracious towards her.

Cernovich has always disavowed political violence and domestic extremism.

Court records show that Campbell pled guilty to two serious felonies, including Assault with Intent to Cause Physical Injury to a Police Officer.

David Campbell organized his attack on social media, with the help of many media figures.

Night of Terror – How a Far Left Wing Group Organized a Violent Attack on Social Media

With Campbell’s guilty plea on the books, further legal action against those who incited this attack are now available, and more details will be announced soon.

Cernovich will continue pursuing all available legal remedies against those who seek to harm others, and this recently guilty plea is only one of many criminal cases that have been brought against Cernovich’s stalkers.

Some of these charges are as serious as violence against minors:

Columbia University Student Who Protested Cernovich is Arrested for Vile Crimes


4 Replies to “ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist who Attacked a Cernovich Event Pleads Guilty to Two Felonies, Prison Next”

  1. Keep on doing what you do Mike.
    You were born for this.
    You make demons tremble. All hell will come against a man who advocates for the weak and defenseless, who loves wife, his children and his country.

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