“The world took a negative turn in 2017, with global levels of stress, worry, sadness and pain hitting new highs. During a solid year of economic growth, the U.S. kept this negative trend going into 2018. Higher levels of stress, anger and worry nudged Americans’ overall Negative Experience Index to 35 — three points higher than any previous score to date.” – Read, Americans’ Stress, Worry and Anger Intensified in 2018.

Americans are in mental prisons of their own creation, as Scott Adams observed back when the media attacked him and Kanye West and Candace Owens for spreading love and positivity:

You have a country that is off-balance because we moved from a place where facts rule the world to where facts do not rule our world.

We live in a non-factual, mostly-subjective world… Once you start realizing how much of an illusion we are all living in, you can start to deal with your reality with a better understanding of it.

We’re entering a period where our biggest problems are simply psychology, simply the way we recognize our reality and the way we deal with it.

If we can just figure out how to be friends and how to work together in a positive way, we have an opportunity within the next 100 years to be something so special that it’s almost indescribable….We’re on the cusp of this, but we’re not there.

Physical facts make-up objective reality. This phone you’re holding or computer you’re reading from physically exists. Physical facts include the need for modern sanitation, proper hand-washing, and internal combustion engines.

Mental facts are what you use to construct a subjective reality. Your self contains physical facts such as DNA, hair, skin, and teeth. Most of your life is internal, and is made up of mental beliefs you hold about the world and yourself.

Mental facts are in control of our economy. Have you ever heard of a “run on the banks”? Then watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

If everyone collectively believes in a stronger future, we summon that stronger future.

The Gallup Polling data shows that much of the country is constructing a reality using negative mental facts.

And, although Gallup does not ask about political affiliation in its World Poll, there was also a strong relationship between stress, worry and disapproval of the job that President Donald Trump is doing. Those who disapprove of Trump’s job performance are significantly more likely to experience each of these negative emotions than those who do.

This data shows that watching the news is literally killing people. Anger can promote sudden death, and stress’ impact on the body has long been established as a negative:

Robert Sapolsky discusses physiological effects of stress

He also cited new studies suggesting that chronic stress causes DNA to age faster. “Over time, the ends of your chromosomes fray, and as they fray your DNA stops working as well, and eventually that could wind up doing in the cell,” he said. “There are now studies showing that chromosomal DNA aging accelerates in young, healthy humans who experience something incredibly psychologically stressful. That’s a huge finding.”

There has never been a better time in the history of the world, but if you’re watching the news and being hoaxed, you’re going to suffer early heart attacks and other stress-related conditions.

Turn off the television, click away from the fake news, and break free from your mental prisons.

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