Aaron Calvin of the Des Moines Register, with the help of his unnamed editors, tried to ruin a man’s life over a bad tweet the man made when he was 16 years old. These old Tweets were reported on by Cernovich and are here.

Earlier today Aaron Calvin was fired:

I want to be as transparent as possible about what we did and why, answer the questions you’ve raised and tell you what we’ve learned so far and what we’ll try to do better. For one, we’re revising our policies and practices, including those that did not uncover our own reporter’s past inappropriate social media postings. That reporter is no longer with the Register.

The Des Moines Register is still lying about its reporting.

But there’s a lesson here.

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4 Replies to “Activist Who Tried Ruining Someone’s Life Over Tweets is Fired for Bad Tweets”

  1. Hooray!

    Honestly, the best outcome of this story would’ve been if Aaron Calvin had decided that publicizing the high school tweets of an innocent man was beneath him, written a fun human interest story about a guy who raised a bunch of money for a children’s hospital, and moved on with his life.

    But since he decided he didn’t want to do that, his own firing is probably the second-best way this story could’ve ended. Let’s hope this digital scarlet letter keeps him from ever finding gainful employment again, and he spends the rest of his life going from minimum-wage job to minimum-wage job, constantly worrying about bills and being just one unexpected expense from bankruptcy and homelessness.

    May the scorched ruins of Aaron’s life serve as a warning to other potential busybodies and internet scolds!

    1. LOL. You realize he just unlocked an achievement of the unhinged left. He’s now eligible to work for the New York Times.

  2. The best result is that we all learn some humility.

    He should get his job back at the paper and we can all move on! We all need to understand that none of us will pass the test of being judged at our worst moments.

    AB and Venmo should both apologize for being quick to throw a good guy under the bus in the name of political correctness, and hope that none of us get judged this harshly ever again!

    Carson King did a really great and selfless thing, it’s so great to know there are really good people out there still, some of us still want to believe it that!

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