Tamiflu trended on Facebook today after a story about a mother who lost her child to the flu went viral. According to the story, the mother did not administer prescribed medication to the child, who died.

The mother disputes this account. In an interview with her local news station, the grief-stricken mother says:

“I’m hurting so bad right now and so is his dad and his brothers. Our whole family is hurting. And it’s like we feel like we failed because we did what we had to do. We called the doctors. We called the hospital. We gave them the medicine we were instructed to give. We did everything,” she said in an interview over the phone.

Watch the interview with the mother here:

The mother faced death threats and demands she be put into prison:

“Words fail,” seems cheap to write, a cliche. I can’t comprehend the mother’s grief of losing a child – only to face online death threats and harassment and to be called a baby killer. Based on a hoax news story. This is a level of sadness I hope to never fully comprehend.

The reporter who incited a mob against a mother who lost her child did not interview the mother before publishing her story.

Although I am strongly pro-vaccine, the mother was treated as “fair game” because she belonged to forums where they discussed alternative health remedies.

NBC remains in litigation involved it its coverage of the Covington Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann. Read about that lawsuit here.

Read more about Mike Cernovich here:

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75 Replies to “NBC Accused a Mother of Letting Her Child Die of the Flu; the Mother Disputes This”

  1. Thank you, Mike, for reporting the truth about this matter. Thanks for standing up and dealing false journalism a death blow. Much appreciated!

    1. Some people can’t even do the research because of fear of how they would be looked at by there peers, there is no question the pharmaceutical companies are corrupt, The revolving door at the fda were people that work for the pharmaceutical companies go and get jobs at the FDA set on panels that gets a drug approved and then go back to working for the same company selling said drug can almost Guarantee corruption and conflict of interest, healthcare is not the only area where this happens you could also look at how the Boeing 737 max was approved under the same circumstances, doctors at WHO have came out to question vaccine safety as well as numerous whistle blowers. It’s not that people don’t believe in the concept of gaining immunity it’s that they don’t trust the drug companies and honestly why should they, pharmaceutical companies have sold hiv tainted blood products knowingly to not loose money. People seeking legitimate psychiatric care have went to doctors only to be experimented on and have their memory whiped and the entire lives Destroyed


    2. No, most are pro-vaccine because it’s PROVEN that they actually DO work! If your child can be vaccinated & you don’t do it, you’re putting children who can’t be vaccinated due to illness or a compromised immune system at risk, because you’re too ignorant to acknowledge the facts.

      1. You’re an imbecile. Keep believing everything you see on TV. You wouldn’t know facts about vaccines if you read them yourself, you would just believe whatever your doc tells you. Go read an vaccine insert and describe to me how they work. Not even your freaking doctor/pediatrician can tell you EXACTLY how a vaccine works… they just say “it elicits a response from the immune system….” Balderdash. Good job being a sheep in the heard Veronica.

        1. Yeah, Veronica. You imbecile sheep. Nah, I’m kidding. Hey, “anonymous,” name calling & acting a fool getting you somewhere with your cause? Let’s see, listen to my DOCTOR orrrr…. this rando? 🧐

          1. can anyone tell me the difference between a vaccine and a non preservative vaccine for children??? I would like the pro vaxxers to answer this!!!!

      2. “Vaccines Work all the time and without risks!”
        “There are people we can’t give them to, though..”
        One of these things is not like the other.

        1. Wow. Tell that to the doctors and scientist and the whistle blowers who have researched and know different. Ooooh and harmed and dead babies after vaccinations. Not all but some!!!

      3. There are literally NO actual long-term studies what so ever proving that vaccines work the way the CDC claims they do. In-fact, there are more studies, especially done outside of the U.S., that show that vaccines are not all what our beloved Big Pharma makes them up to be. If only you knew the depths of this rabbit whole. The ugly truth.

      4. So I should sacrifice my child to possible injury or death (Listed as side effects on vaccines inserts) to protect an immunocompromised individual? My child’s life and risk doesn’t matter? Because I could potentially spread to them a disease we don’t carry? Stop repeating talking points that make no sense.

        1. Life involves choice. Given that the normal side effects of vaccines are trivial, the few individuals unable to take them due to allergies or intolerances are identifiable before hand, and the consequences of contracting many of the diseases on vaccinated against are generally crippling at best or fatal at worst, you are taking a significant risk with your children’s lives by refusing to vaccinate them.

          I’m sure someone is going to bring up that one autism study. Well, looks like they were wrong: autism is most likely driving by genetic defects in the wiring of the brain. This makes sense of you do a catalog of everyone you know who is on the spectrum and compare them to their parents. Yes, I’m on that spectrum too, so I’ve got a decent sample size. Everyone I know of has parents who are also somewhere on that spectrum, and usually both parents too.

      5. That’s not how it works! No one should have to go against their moral, religious, or personal views and give their child a drug with the potential to cause serious injury or death to give other parents a false sense of protection. People opposed to injecting human or animal proteins and blood products, cell lines from aborted fetal tissue, etc do not have to choose between their beliefs and their constitutional rights. The Nuremberg Code guaranteed then that right.

        The vaccines are available if you want them. Immunocompromised individuals are at risk constantly from thousands of pathogens, forcing everyone to receive vaccines for 16 or 17 of them will not protect them. 30,000 people die from strep and staph infections each year in the US while around 4,000 died from every vaccine preventable illness PRIOR to each vaccines availability collectively. 4,000 deaths per year when the population was over 185 million people. 0.002% of people.

        You do not have to give up your blood, bone marrow a kidney or part of your liver despite the fact that people will die without them, right?

        Bodily autonomy is a human right. And we will never win the war against pathogens. They will continue to mutate to evade our efforts, and I have every right to choose not to contribute to that. Countless parents are dismissed while people like you demand that they must vaccinate their child even after a vaccine caused one of their children harm or took their life.

        We know some children die from vaccines, and we know only about 1% of injuries are ever reported. Answer this question, please. If your child died from a vaccine injury, would you still think that his life was worth it for the “greater good”? Would you vaccinate your other children anyway?

      6. Veronica – your rant here is unjustified. An unvaccinated child who is not ill cannot affect any other child. It’s funny that a child who may have Hepatitis will be in school, and children recently vaccinated may shed – but in your mind – it’s the fault of children whose parents did their research, and chose not to vaccinate. I assume you may be afraid of a pandemic – like the autism one in this nation – caused by vaccines in large part. I have been researching vaccines for 27 years, and read thousands or reports. I am not ignorant of any aspect of this issue – epidemiology, pathology, infectious disease, integrative medicine, and the legal issues involving mandates. Vaccination studies have been called tobacco science for a good reason. A recent FOIA law suit found that HHS dis NO safety studies for 32 years – that is the opposite of proof.

      7. You sounds like the FDA and CDC and doctors. Keep your head in the sand and hopefully you won’t have to learn the hard way!🙄

      8. What causational evidence do you have that they save lives? We’ve been asking for that information for over 30 years and it just doesn’t exist. 🤣

      9. They have never once been proven to work. All the data you have every seen (eg the apparent fall in polio/smallpox/measles) etc is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        Doctors will typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated – that is how the fraud works. And before you say “but what about the lab tests?”, 99.9999+% of every diagnosis in history has been made *without* a lab test. Lab testing actually reinforces the pro-vaccine bias in the data (because we didn’t typically require a lab test confirmation before each disease’s vaccine came along).

        Just so you know, rates of paralysis, congenital defects, respiratory diseases and invasive diseases have not actually fallen since the polio, rubella, pertussis/flu/diphtheria and meningitis vaccines.

        This tells us that no vaccine has ever actually worked and the only reason we believe they have is because doctors have been renaming (differentially diagnosing) them.

        1. Offhand, how many people do you know who are pox-scarred, or at least partially paralyzed?

          I personally cannot think of a person I have met who is pox-scarred, and a total of three people in my lifetime with limb deformation. Nothing at all to match the wards of children in iron lungs of the like that inspired Candyland.

          Nor do I know more than a handful of people who burried a child before time. Certainly nothing to match the rows upon rows of little graves one can find at any cemetary in active use a hundred years ago.

          So I find your argument that there are the same number of smallpox or polio to be threadbare at best.

          1. Well of course you do. You just made up a bunch of facts that would allow you to maintain your indoctrinated beliefs.

            Life expectancy trends were improving *faster* before the widespread use of vaccines (you can look it up) but I can give you the numbers. LE in 1800 – 25. LE in 1900 – 47. LE in 1950 – 67 and then there was the massive boom in vaccines we have seen since then. LE today – 78. So the increase in LE was much faster between 1900 and 1950 than in the last 70 years. And deaths due to so-called vaccine preventable diseases had all but disappeared *before* their vaccines. Again, look it up. The CDC and various other statistical agencies in the developed world will back me up on this. Of course, they won’t advertise it because they want you to continue believing in vaccines as you do. But their own data supports my position not yours.

            Similarly, the US Census Bureau’s own data will inform you that total childhood disability rates today are 10 times what they were in 1950. And that includes the very types of disability that the various vaccines were supposed to target (eg paralysis from polio, congenital defects from rubella, deafness from measles etc). Again, their data backs me up on this. Children (and adults) are vastly sicker and all that has happened is that doctors have renamed the diseases because they don’t like to diagnose (or test for) a condition if the patient is vaccinated for it.

            As for your “pox-scarred” argument this is just a case of you clutching at straws. How do you know how many “pox-scarred” people there were before the smallpox vaccine? I suspect you don’t have a clue.

            I can tell you though that paralysis rates have increased and I personally know lots of people with crippling conditions. I am looking at one person like that at work right now in fact.

            And by the way, iron lungs were replaced by positive pressure ventilators purely because iron lungs were too expensive and dangerous. In fact, ventilators today are nearly ten times as common per person as iron lungs were before the polio vaccine came out. You can look this up yourself too. Actually try and find how many iron lungs there were at the so-called height of the polio epidemic. When you realize that all the photos we have seen of iron lung wards were just for propaganda purposes then you can start to actually think about this issue properly.

            You’re welcome.

  2. Yeah you did fail, Mom. And you lied about it afterward to cover up your failure. You did not give your son Tamiflu prescribed by the doctor and he died. Instead you went to a SOCIAL MEDIA SITE and gave him unproven herbal remedies that didn’t help him. You directly caused your child’s death. God help your other children. I will pray for your son’s repose but your poor living children have to somehow survive your parenting.

    1. DNice: FYI the package insert for Tamiflu lists death as a side effect!
      I don’t see you blaming the mom who lost her 11 year old son to the flu/tamiflu now do I? It’s because a reporter didn’t conjure up some falicy about that case…just this one!
      A holes like you need to stop thinking you have a right to tell everyone how to raise their children! Who the f do you think you are? You are not God! And he is the only one that can judge us!

    2. She did not cause her child’s death! Do you know how many children receive tamiflu and still die? There is no guarantee either way if it will save someones life or not.

    3. Tamiflu is not a cure. Even if it does exactly what it’s supposed to, even if we ignore all possibilities of side effects, it does not CURE the flu; it only reduces the duration of symptoms.

      And if you want to talk about “proven” and “unproven” and evidence-based medicine, you might want to do some actual research first.

      Tamiflu reduces flu symptoms by approximately 1 day. (https://www.aafp.org/afp/2014/1001/p497.html)
      Elderberry reduces flu symptoms by approximately 4 days. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15080016)

      According to peer-reviewed scientific literature.

    4. You’re a disgusting human. Who says shit like that to a grieving mother? Hope you’re perfect and know ALL the facts.

    5. Yup!!!! She’s a big fat liar. I have screenshots proving she refused to give him the tamiflu and did not call paramedics until he was unresponsive and had high fevers and seizures.

    6. Who are you praying to? Which God? Because I don’t think God approves of you cutting up babies and using their cell lines to make vaccines.

    7. Lol. But here you are attempting to give advice on something you have no details about and saying a med Dr recommend course of action is wrong? Accusing them of getting their info from “tv” as you ramble off the most vanilla counter arguments.. Sure bud

      1. Yes, anyone with even half a functioning brain knows that ALL medicines can kill. Since all humans are mutts we all have very different make-ups and some people can’t handle certain things (just like certain people can’t handle peanuts without dying.) However, avoiding medicines just in case you or your child are part of that 0.005% is just moronic and a strong sign that you not capable of critical thinking, instead chosing to be ruled by paranoia. Look, nobody wants to die, but death is coming for us all, hiding from death doesn’t work, never has, never will. What’s even funnier is that these people actually increase their odds of dying by not being introduced to things that build immunity (and no, drinking orange juice will never build the immunity you need to fight serious illnesses.)

  3. she stated on line that she wasn’t going to give it to him on her FB page. She her self was asking for advise on what to do instead. She sounded like an anti vaxor to me.

    1. That was day 1, before he got sicker. We have no idea what she did after, and no idea why the hospital turned him away. We also know for sure that Tamiflu is not a flu cure nor does it prevent death.

  4. Unbelievable! This family is going through hell right now and NBC decides to LIE about what really happened and incite people to attack Mom! Pharma controlled NBC puppets have stooped to an all time low here! I hope this family Sues NBC! Blaming Anti Vaxxer’s and using this Families Tragic Loss to do it Is Disgusting! 💔💔😢😭😠😡

    1. Lies? Are you some damn moron? She didn’t listen to a doctor, instead chose to listen to facebookers and now her kid is dead. What part of that is a lie? The mom is responsible for the kids death and you think she shouldn’t have her ass handed to her by other humans? What in the hell is wrong with you, did you parents use your skull as a basketball when you were a toddler? There are only 2 parties responsible for that kid’s death, her parents and anti-vaxxers for giving idiotic advice.

  5. More promotional bs for toxic Tamiflu. Dr. Benjamin Goldacre called out the Tamiflu fraud years ago! Look him up.

    The media is way out of line attacking this family. The is owned by big pharma who spends millions on advertising.

    I raised two children NEVER using allopathic DRUGS. In fact, they weren’t vaccinated. Organic food as medicine-sunshine—Exercise— HEALTHY living, enabled their immune systems to fight off illnesses. This is such BULLS*#T.

    Anyone who doesn’t bow to the pharmaceutical gods is pursued in a witch hunt. Funny thing… why no mention of ALL the many MANY deaths from the FLU after they received the FLU VACCINE!!

    Figure it out. Oh right- MONEY

    I hope this family sues NBC.

    1. Wow the paranoia you suffer from is honestly insane. You are on the same level as foilhat wearers. Also, on what planet does not exposing a human to negative conditions increase a person’s immunity? That’s not how it works, you have to be exposed to “toxins” for your body to fight better. Your body doesn’t magically fight off diseases, it has to “train.” Because you were an insane mother you didn’t properly immunize your kids and fed them organic food which doesn’t build immunity because organic food doesn’t have anything to increase your body’s defenses, you have to expose a human to negative conditions for the body to become stronger. So when your kids get much older and real sickness affects them, they will not have the immune strength to properly fight whatever they are going through, all thanks to your insane paranoia. Also, stop looking at things through 1 perspective, it doesn’t reflect reality. Sure an incredibly small amount of people can die from a flu shot, however the flu kills thousands per season. See how your overly baised math doesn’t add up?
      Seriously, seek professional therapy, because your comment is filled with Big pharma paranoia and fantasy. You probably think that all lights are very dim in a phara company and a bunch of henchmen sit around a table laughing maniacally while they think of ways to hurt you and take your money…You damn nutjob.

      1. If you knew how the immune system works then you would know that artificial immunity via vaccines is not the same as real immunity by being exposed to the actual disease and building antibodies against it. So, you make a moot point. As for thinking that thousands die annually from the flu, you have obviously not done your research to know that the CDC includes ANY and ALL respiratory illnesses in that number, hence why it says “flu-related deaths”, and you can easily research to find out that death counts per year for flu are usually between 250-1250. This stuff is not hard to research, and the data is not on the pharmaceutical’s side. If people spent more time learning for themselves instead of believing anything mainstream media shoves in their face, society as a whole would be much more informed and empowered.

      2. Sorry “The Truth” but you have no idea. Every one of your beliefs is just there as a result of indoctrination. You have never thought about any of them.

        Why do you believe that the flu virus kills “thousands”? Have you ever actually witnessed the flu virus jumping from one person to another and immediately causing death or injury?

        I know I haven’t. And I don’t know of any doctors or medical researchers who have either.

        On the other hand, I have witnessed a vaccine enter people’s bodies and immediately cause injury. And I know lots of doctors and parents who have too.

        There is zero evidence that the flu virus kills. And there is zero evidence that the flu vaccine prevents flu nor the Tamiflu helps people.

        On the other hand, there is a plethora of actual valid evidence (evidence that would be considered proof if it was used for any other consumer product) that vaccines maim and kill.

  6. The mother is lying. We know this because screen shots were taken so we have the mother’s own words in which she says she never picked up the Tamiflu. We have her own words in the entire ordeal. She can’t sue because she’s lying. CPS is investigating because screen shots were given to them.

    1. Does that make you feel better about yourself, to turn her into CPS while she is grieving the loss of her child?

      You are a monster.

        1. “Losing sack of shit” the fuck? I hope you guys never loose a kid, and other people take it up to judge the whole situation like their God. You all should be ashamed. Honestly, I don’t think she wanted her child to die.

          1. Just because she didnt want her child to die doesn’t erase the fact that her actions killed her kid. Doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, the end result is a dead child and even more blood on anti-vaxxers hands. I wonder if you anti-vaxxers can even see your hands anymore with the blood of sooooo many children on your hands. Keep on fighting medicines and killing kids, but don’t forget to blame everyone else for any death that results from your “enlightenment.” (anti-vaxxers should be fixed like pets so they can’t reproduce, we have too many stupid humans on this planet and we need less dumb people, not more.)

      1. So parents that do stupid things that get their kids killed should be celebrated and never critized? Also someone who points out a fact somehow becomes a monster? Ok, let me see if I have this correct, a person that kills their kid isn’t a monster but a person that calls out the parent for killing their kid is a monster. Got it!!!

        1. You don’t know what facts are.

          You think that if the government or medical industry tells you that 2+2=5 then that is what it equals.

          What evidence do you have that the Tamiflu saves anybody? Let alone that it saves more people than it kills?

          And just so you know, telling me that “Those guys wear white coats and they told me so” is not evidence.

  7. I notice the original NBC article says:

    “NBC News verified the posts by cross-referencing them with a fundraising page set up by the family, along with published news reports quoting the family.”

    So yeah… Couldn’t be bothered to interview the woman herself, had to just run with the story asap. Smdh.

    1. Oh yeah, cause you know, child killers are just dying to be interviewed on tv about how their actions got their kid killed… You aren’t much of a thinker, are you?

  8. Wow.. NBC talk about invasion of privacy. These Groups are for people to share.. .people who care. Not crazed journalists who seek power and damage to all in her path. I refuse to watch anymore NBC, I am done with BS assholes who like to hurt others.

    1. Except these people that share/care are not in the position to give advice to ANYONE. They aren’t educated in the subject (no matter how much they think they are) and they don’t have a high intelligence (anti-vaxxers weren’t exactly honor roll students when they were in school.) These groups are, sadly, a threat to safety (their lack of common sense makes any advice they give dangerous and can easily be fatal (as countless news stories continue to show to destructive nature of uneducated facebookers, dead kids aren’t even enough to make them stop. The spreading of disinformation and lies/nonsense is much more important than a child surviving an illness.) If it was up to me, anti-vaxxers would be jailed for child abuse and no longer be legally allowed to reproduce (we really should be stopping the stupid from reproducing, especially since stupid parents have stupid kids who themselves become stupid parents. Not exactly a recipe that results in a worthwhile pie.)

      1. There’s actually a lot of data and studies showing that anti-vaccinators are more highly educated.. so… it’s easy to research these things. If you’re intelligent. And secondly, they mostly gather their information directly from CDC and vaccine package inserts, created by the pharmaceutical companies and easy to obtain when you are at the doctors office. It’s not hard to research this stuff if you spend half a second trying.

      2. You have believed in vaccines ever since you were five years old when your mommy and daddy and kindergarten teacher told you that you should.

        On the other hand, virtually every single “anti-vaxxer” that you disparage has given their position deep thought.

        Of course, you won’t admit to yourself or anybody else that the one and only reason you believe in vaccines now is because your mommy and daddy told you to when you were five. You instead claim that you do it because of “science” or “consensus of doctors” or some other drivel. But these are just (poor) ad hoc excuses.

        Whenever the media does a story disparaging anti-vaxers you take it as gospel truth because it fits your narrative. But if the same media did a story that ran contrary to your prejudices then you would jump up and down about the “lying media”.

        You have never had a coherent, much less independent, thought and you never will.

        You know literally nothing about this issue – and I dare say any other.

        But that’s ok. Prove me wrong.

        Tell me. Do doctors use any information (other than symptoms) about their patients to help them diagnose?

      3. For the record, I am a U.S.-trained physician with an M.D. degree. I was near the top of my high school class and graduated from college with honors. I did the research when I was pregnant with my first child and was shocked at the lack of evidence and studies on the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Do your own research with an open mind and I have no doubt you will come to the same conclusion. It is those that are close-minded and listen only to the media that alienate and ridicule those of us who believe in medical freedom and choice. There is a growing body of healthcare professionals that are coming to the same conclusion as me, so to say that “anti-vaxxers” are uneducated and of low intelligence is grossly unwarranted. Paul Offit, MD, himself wondered why those that were refusing to vaccinate their children are usually well-educated, suburban, and middle to upper middle class. That is because these are the people who have the resources and are doing the research and not blind followers.

        1. That’s exactly right AT. John Rappaport wrote about this phenomenon when he talked about why the protests by vaccine freedom advocates have a much greater impact on legislative bodies than protests by students or pussy hat wearers. Pussy hat wearers can turn out hundreds of thousands and nobody cares but anti-vaxers turn out thousands and all of a sudden politicians start paying attention.

          Medical freedom advocates are the very embodiment of the middle class. Politicians don’t care if students or weirdos protest because they know that the former will change their worldview the moment they enjoy any kind of responsibility and the latter make up the dregs of society. However, middle class people protesting is an attack on the core of the system itself. It very rarely happens and when it does it makes powerful people very frightened.

      4. You best get yourself some education…you are so off base. Stupid are those who don’t take the time to find the truth….you fall into this category. Mind you…I graduated with honors and it’s also proven, those who want the freedom to choose, are highly educated. Dead is a 16 year old that died from cardiac arrest after taking Tamiflu. From TIME “After a four-year effort to obtain this data from both the manufacturers and the EMA, the authors report in the journal BMJ that those trials do not support claims that the drugs lower the risk of complications from flu, such as pneumonia, or that the benefits of the drugs outweigh their risks, which include nausea, vomiting, headaches and kidney disorders.” Here are the side effects someone can experience from Tamiflu…cheers.https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-17765-5294/tamiflu-oral/oseltamivir-oral/details/list-sideeffects

  9. Oh and I just want to say to Mike.

    Thank you.

    I hope you will go further down the rabbit hole of vaccination than you already have but regardless, you are a truly honorable man.

  10. If only that stupid tamiflu was banned. It’s proved over and over again to cause harm to children, pregnant mothers, and their unborn babies. Why can’t they just make vaccines safe so that we can all have access to true good medicine? So sad what this world has come to. There would be no story if she chose not to administer the prescribed drug and he got better! And of course, the news tried to not let there be a story that she indeed gave him the administered drug and it killed him! I certainly don’t believe that she should be considered a murderer for giving him a drug many warned her against and provided research links to back it up. But if she chose to view the research and make an informed decision, she’s viewed a murderer. Get it together people. Grow up.

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