That’s entirely up to you.

Soon I’ll explain how you can bring Hoaxed to your city.

In the meantime, some updates.

When will the digital download be released?

We’d like to have Hoaxed in your inbox on October 20th. It’s more likely that you’ll have Hoaxed well in time to watch it with your families on Thanksgiving.

When can you watch Hoaxed in a theatre?

We will be holding a private screening in Los Angeles on October 20th.

This is a private event for backers and book pre-orders only.

There will also be a screening in Washington, D.C. on a date to be determined.

“Hi I want to organize a Hoaxed screening!”

We have this covered in-house.

Will there be a Hoaxed book?

Yes, Hoaxed is a book! We took 10 of the best interviews, edited them for clarity, and included some of my own original essays to create a masterpiece on media insight and criticism.

There are some surprising names in Hoaxed book, too.

The book cover is different from the film poster.

I love the book cover, a lot of people hate it. They think it’s too busy or that the color scheme looks like a political statement. Not everyone “gets” art, and the sign of a good book cover is that it divides people.

You canĀ get the Hoaxed book here.

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