Jeff Walker coined a cool phrase that sums up my approach to the web – multiple streams of traffic.

We all know that multiple streams of income are preferable to a single stream of income. If you lose one job or client, you will be OK as you have other sources of income. The same is true of web traffic.

You need multiple sources of traffic.

A friend-of-a-friend had his Facebook page with 800,000 likes taken from him. No reason given. He asked me what he could do.

The answer is, “Not much.” Facebook can delete your page at any time for any reason. The same is true of Twitter.

If you rely on any single source of traffic, you can be screwed if you lose one of them.

You need multiple sources of traffic –  Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, a personal web page (even if it’s just your face + resume), and an email list.

(You don’t need all of those pages. I am my own media company, with a podcast, books, and multiple websites, so my case is an extreme one. But if you earn your living online, you need more than one web or social media presence.)

It would take a lot of effort to remove me from the Internet. I could lose Twitter (a major source of traffic) and be OK. I have a large email list. I also own several websites that can drive traffic to each other.

In addition I have a huge network of friends who could drive traffic my way, should someone attack me.

Google “Mike Cernovich.” Nearly every result on Page 1 of Google are sites I own or that are directly under my control.

I control what is said by me, even though MSNBC, Gawker, the Daily Beast, and other large websites have attacked me.

A friend of mine runs a company called BADNET that sets people up with websites for free. I recommend using BADNET to create a stable web presence. (I get zero commission if you sign up with him and he has not paid me or asked me to plug his company.)

You should also build up a social media presence. Do not concentrate your effort on any one medium.

Build up one medium at a time. I have a large readership at Danger & Play, a large email list, am big on Twitter, and am now focusing on my Facebook.

Diversify the web holdings of You, Inc.

P.S. Check out the official Mike Cernovich Facebook Page.



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  1. I just recently started using Twitter. I didn’t realize how big of a boost it would give me in traffic I literally went from 20 views a day to now over 100 a day and sometimes 300. Now that might not be a lot, but it is beginning and will only grow. I am also setting up multiple steams of traffic which for sure helps.
    Thanks for the post.

    Your friend,

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