Long-time readers said I lost my way, as they grew to enjoy my mindset content, cultural criticism, life advice, and mindset material while despising journalism and current affairs. I didn’t lose my way, but instead stepped up as we are living in historical times. Great men and women make history. HOWEVER….

I missed writing daily about timeless subjects. I missed discussing mindset, lifestyle, and books. I missed our deep conversations about the world.

Thus, I’ve relaunched Cernovich.

There’s no fancy design, it doesn’t even have a cool header year. You’ll find a few typos, too, as there’s no copy editor. It’s just me, and you, talking about life.

What you will find at Cernovich is daily writing, including book reviews, cultural commentary, and positive thinking.

Even my writing on current affairs will contain guiding principles that you can apply to your life, and use to understand the world.

I’ll be publishing articles almost every day, and yes, I am working on my book Audacity: How to Go from Nobody to Somebody (more on that later).

Anyhow, be sure to bookmark Cernovich, as that’s where you can find the writing and podcasting you’ve come to expect.

– Mike

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