The lawyer for the so-called whistleblower posted this shocking admission on Twitter about the nature of some members of the intelligence community:

Many doubted the authenticity of the Tweet when sent a screen shot. As of press time, the Tweet remains up:

The post by Mark S. Zaid is troubling for a number of reasons, including that Zaid thought it worth bragging about.

Despite the obvious criminality of accessing such images, a proclivity for pedophilia also makes someone an easy blackmail target. No one who is attracted to minors should hold a job for both moral and national security reasons.

Yet Zaid admitted that members of the intelligence community are interested in s-xual relations with minors, and that these proclivities are no bar to obtaining access to classified information.

One member of Congress, when alerted to this Tweet, responded to this reporter, “We are sending this to the Boss, and we will be looking into it.”

It will be possible to identify these members of the intelligence community by cross-referencing their names with their lawyers. In that regard, Zaid’s brag may have breached duties owed to clients. He gave enough information to for an internal team to identify how it’s possible for people with “child p-rn issues” to obtain access to state secrets.

One Reply to ““I’ve gotten clearances for guys who had child p-rn issues,” Whistle Blower’s Lawyer Claims”

  1. After Mark Dice posted about the lawyer’s likes on his YouTube channel, I was suspicious of his morality. Adding this, I’d say it’s worth investigating & you are just the man I’d like to see digging in to find the truth. I’m not saying he’s a pedophile, but he’s not someone I’d allow my children around.

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