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What is Hoaxed Book About?



Hoaxed: Everything You’ve Been Told is a Lie by Mike Cernovich.


When you’re making a film, 90% of the best work gets left on the cutting room floor. You spend hundreds of hours interviewing dozens of interesting people, and each subject receives only a few minutes in a feature-length film.

Hoaxed was no different. Over the course of a year-and-a-half, I met some of the world’s greatest media minds. I even interviewed Alex Jones, and asked him if he is a purveyor of fake fews.

For this book, we took several of the best interviews, edited them for clarity, and posted them for your enjoyment. Think of this Hoaxed book as a collection of interviews.

I’ve also included some of my own original essays, and share my experience in dealing with fake news.

These interviews represent different viewpoints and I do not endorse anyone in particular or vouch for what they say, nor that they endorse me. You’ll find that some of the interviewees are highly critical of my work, and they will challenge your views, whether you’re liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between.

Be sure to update / synch this book in two weeks. It will be updated with exclusive images from Hoaxed, as well as to improve any formatting issues. (There is always some glitch in the first version, as you’re never quite sure how the Kindle version will look before it’s published. We’ll get any formatting issues and typos fixed immediately.)

Mike Cernovich

Orange County, California – 2018

P.S. If you pre-ordered Hoaxed before October 1st, email me a copy of your receipt to receive a free ticket to the film’s Los Angeles premier on October 20th.

Hoaxed Table of Contents

What It’s Like Being Lied About
Journalists Don’t Read Books
Hacked Like Joy Reid
What No One Tells You About Selective Editing
Censorship as a Form of Fake News
Fake News Body Counts
Someone Call the Twitter Police
Keith Ellison vs. Brett Kavanaugh
The Fact Checks Are Fake
SNOPES Covers Up a Mass Shooting
The SPLC and Pizzagate Shootings
What It’s Like Being an Influential Media Figure
“Credibly Accused”
CNN or Cernovich: Who Can You Trust More?
Is Deep State Real?
It’s Not OK to Spread Fake News


There are long-firm interviews, edited for clarity.

Scott Adams
James O’Keefe
Alex Jones
Stefan Molyneux
Cassie Jaye
Anthony Scaramucci

There are some surprise interviews in Hoaxed.
You’ll have to buy the book to find out what those are.



Will Mushrooms Save Humanity?



Are “magic mushrooms” for filthy hippies who have checked out of life, or is there more to the story? Fantastic Fungi suggests the answer is yes in a wide-ranging documentary on psilocybin.

Loaded with mainstream, normie voices like Michael Pollan (as opposed to say Eckhart Tolle), Fantastic Fungi succeeds as a documentary for skeptics.

All plant medicine faces intense discrimination and bias, with claims ranging that medicine like psilocybin and ayahuasca are “demonic” or will “send you on a bad trip,” despite a lack of scientific evidence that supervised, responsible use of plant medicine has few downsides and updates that include

  • advanced creativity
  • freedom from alcoholism and opioid addiction
  • higher ability to empathize with others and love more

Microdosing psilocybin has been used by names you’d recognize yet never expect, and indeed many people are shocked to learn that I have a decade-long experience with 5-MeO-DMT, ayahuasca, and psilocybin.

The stereotype of course is that people use plant medicine to check out of reality, when in fact the proper use of psilocybin enhances your ability to experience reality.

People wrongly believe that using plant medicine puts your physical body on a spiritual journey, inverting the truth, which is that your spiritual body in on a journey in your physical one.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Fantastic Fungi will be enjoyable watch whether you are experienced in these matters or remain a skeptic. To those who are skeptical, grab a cup of coffee or beer (totally not drugs unlike the stuff other people use) and learn about the magic underneath your feet and within your heart.

You can watch Fantastic Fungi here on iTunes.


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Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein Island, Victim Claims



Former President Bill Clinton was seen with two women on Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island,” according to Virgina Roberts.

In newly unsealed documents, Virgina Roberts directly implicated Clinton in an April, 2011 interview. (You can read her full interview here at this link.)

The relevant except says:

When you say you you asked him why is Bill Clinton here, where was here?

Roberts: On the island.

JS: When you were present with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton on the island, who else was there?

Roberts: Ghislaine, Emmy, and there was two young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just 2 girls from New York.

JS: And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island including Bill Clinton?

Roberts: That’s correct.

He had about 4 or 5 different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we all stayed in the villas.

JS: Were sexual orgies a regular occurrences at the island of Jeffrey’s house? Roberts: Yes.



Bill Clinton is directly implicated by an eyewitness in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring.

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Jim Jordan Sells Out Conservatives to Big Tech (Read the Confidential Memo in Full)



Labelled “Confidential,” the Jim Jordan Memo is something you’re not supposed to see.

Cernovich Media has obtained this Memo and is posted it in full.

Read the Jim Jordan Antitrust Memo here:

Highlights of Jim Jordan’s Antitrust Memo

  • The Memo gives Republican talking points needed to defend Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.
  • The Jim Jordan Memo is clear. Zero antitrust action against Apple, Google, or Amazon will be supported by the GOP, and the memo is loaded with talking points defending Big Tech’s monopoly power.
  • “Even if this hearing suggests that Google, Amazon, Apple, or Facebook have acted unlawfully, that would not necessarily mean underlying antitrust law needs an overhaul.”

Watch my Video Report of the Jim Jordan Antitrust Memo here:



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