In October I’ll be attending two events – one in Vegas and one in Miami.

The Miami event is ostensibly political, so if you’re into that, there are a lot of high profile speakers attending and it’ll be huge. It’s sort of the event to be at for 2019. Even if you’re not into politics, I’ll be around to have coffee, chat…. It’s the social aspects of those events that get you the most value. Tickets to Miami are here.

We’ll also be hosting a cigar night in Las Vegas. That will be “my” event, unlike the Miami one, so I’ll be speaking. Maybe we’ll do a live podcast. Certainly we’ll be enjoying cigars. Tickets to Vegas are here.

See you soon!

3 Replies to “Vegas and Miami”

  1. Hey Cernovich,

    Would you please unblock me over at Twitter? I am @George_Babbitt

    I promise never to ask you, or make statements, about cigars or health pills again. I would really like to continue to follow you there.

    Thank you.

  2. Nursing your hangover aside, there s plenty to do in Miami and Las Vegas while the sun in shining. Boutique shopping, day-long pool parties, foodie scenes, and outdoor activities are just a few of the fun options to partake in between dance parties.

  3. Hi Mike. I think I wouldn’t able to to in Las Vegas. But I am planning to come to Miami. I have a friends of mine there and he has already invited me for many times. By the way I am one of your followers on Instagram. You’re a role model mate. Amazing family. God bless you.

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