One shouldn’t have to preface a film review with disclaimers, but I’ve noticed that anyone who even reviews a film about vaccines is called anti-vaxx. I am pro-vaccines. I am also someone who reports on controversial movements, and while censorship of conservatives gets headlines, vaccine skeptics (or if you prefer “anti-vaxxers”) have been banned far more aggressively than Ben Shapiro.

Vaxxed 2 was a compelling movie that focused on the stories of families of what they call “vaccine-injured children.”

What I’ve learned covering this movement is that almost no one is “anti-vaxx.” They are “ex-vaxx.”

They took perfectly healthy children in for their shots, and suddenly noticed horrific reactions. Some of these reactions have led to lifelong conditions. Are all of these mothers lying, or are they mistaken?

“Correlation isn’t causation,” is what every mid-wit says when discussing vaccine-related issues. But in fact almost every scientific study you rely upon is correlational.

When patterns emerge, you investigate further. Could be a false correlation. You keep searching for the truth.

People find patterns in life that don’t match. Mass hysteria is real. It could be that these mothers claiming to have vaccine-injured children are mistaken about what happened to their children.

Are the moms lying?

Yet rather than talk to these moms – and yes they are always almost moms, which is why the dehumanizing label of anti-vaxxer is rooted in hatred of women – the media dismisses them.

One famous example was when Oliver Darcy of CNN targeted Bill Shine, a White House official, about his wife Darla Shine’s views on vaccines.

Darcy refused to talk to Darla but instead kept asking Bill for comment. How is that not totally sexist and dismissive of women? Is Bill supposed to control his wife or something?

They would take us seriously if we were men,” is what these women keep repeating, and it’s hard to not believe them.

Vaxxed 2 focuses on the families.

There isn’t much scientific discussion in Vaxxed 2, and as a filmmaker I understand that approach.

Vaxxed 2 instead focuses on families of claimed vaccine-injured children.

I heard sobbing throughout the film, and even I had to turn away once or twice.

Yes, some of these parents lost children. In the case of Christina Tarsell, a court found that Gardasil was linked to the death of a young woman:

The evidence included testimony and reports by experts, reams of studies and medical records. The court determined that we had met our burden of proof according to the law and “Ms. Tarsell is entitled to compensation.” All of the court documents are available on the Court of Federal Claims’ website and on my website at

It was determined that Christina died from an arrhythmia induced by cross-reactivity between Gardasil and the calcium channel in her heart. The court paid particular attention as to whether the arrhythmia existed before inoculation with Gardasil. An extensive review of Christina’s 20-year medical history, including 30 specific medical appointments showed no arrhythmia before HPV vaccination (tabulated on page 22 of the judge’s report).

Vaxxed 2 is a moving film, and despite my pro-vaccine views, it left me wondering why the media completely dismisses and silences these mothers.

The mothers could be lying for attention, although I don’t think that, and doubt you will too.

The mothers could be mistaken.

But it’s a moral travesty that these mothers are ignored.

You can watch the trailer for Vaxxed II here.


21 Replies to “Vaxxed 2 – Dangerous Misinformation or a Call for Conversation?”

  1. Thank you Mike- the hysteria around an honest conversation about vaccines should tip anyone off that somebody is trying to cover something big up

      1. Agree as well. If it were any other drug, it would have been yanked off the market. I saw a drug quietly removed for just a handful of problematic cases. Took about 5 years from initial reports but the drug was gone.
        It would be concerning if there were a few children with side effects. But 10,000+? How do the manufacturers sleep at night?
        It’s horrible. And I can’t even say anything as a medical professional or I’ll be ridiculed or worse.
        I’ve done my homework on this. Do yours. Don’t vax your kids just because you’re “supposed to”. Get armed with facts. And if you decide vax isn’t for your kid, you can always decide to stand on newly-discovered religious grounds. Years ago, I knew a hospital serving a large religious population who would refuse to vax their kids. Very very smart religious people.
        Do you research.

        One more thing. I can’t find it online anymore, but there was a study done years ago looking at vax rates in zip codes across the USA. The zip code with the highest non-vax rate was Beverly Hills. When people with money don’t vax their kids, that should tell you something.

        1. What state do you live in? The most populous states have ELIMINATED RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS. We are quickly becoming a pharmacratic police state.

          1. This is what I was going to say! Religious beliefs are no longer an acceptable reason to refrain from vaccines according to NYS & CA.

        2. Beverly Hills residents have the lowest vaccination rates? That would go a long way toward explaining the pathology there.

  2. They are not lying. I had nothing whatsoever to do with thinking about vaccines as bad at all. I went to the doctor specifically for a booster shot and that was the last day I was ever healthy or happy. Something is very wrong and it needs to be fixed immediately before anyone else gets hurt. These injuries are not a joke. They can be debilitating and permanent. It’s painful to watch people who have not had these things happen to them debate if it’s real or not. Very painful indeed.

  3. As a mom, who watched her two unrelated babies suffer life-altering severe adverse events of vaccination, Events LISTED on the Physicians Prescribing Information (but intentionally hidden from parents). I can’t thank you enough for your support!

  4. I am a nurse and have 2 children under 3 and after watching the first vaxxed I decided to look into all the claims. After doing my due diligence I have stopped vaccinating my kids and focus on natural immunity instead.

    The medical community is lying to us all. I see it everyday at work. Doctors are human too and are taught that vaccines are safe and do no research themselves.

    Please all parents… take no ones word for it. Look at both sides and decide for yourself what is worth the risk. No one loves your kids more than you… don’t let anyone shame you for making choices that you feel are best for your child.

  5. As the mother of a vaccine-injured child, I really appreciate this article. Thank you!

    When my baby got a DTaP at 5 months (only vaccine she received that day), “all hell broke loose” in her health. Fast forward to three weeks later…my baby’s regular doctor was away so we had an appointment with her partner where I told him exactly what had happened to my baby since the shot, and said “I can’t imagine it’s a good idea to go ahead with the next shot on schedule.” The doctor said, “I don’t know enough about bad reactions to vaccines to advise you on that.” So he called the vaccine manufacturer, and was told “This is a normal reaction to DTaP vaccine, and the baby can have the next shot on schedule.” My thought was “If this is a normal reaction to DTaP, then *no baby* should be given this vaccine, ever.” But the doctor believed the vaccine maker, and would not file a VAERS report.

    A few months later, I filed a VAERS report myself. It had taken eight weeks for my baby to appear fully recovered from the shot (though her current doctors say she suffered permanent damage) and I had jotted down notes every day during that period. So in my VAERS report, I simply listed every symptom I had seen, how long after the shot it started, and how long it lasted.

    VAERS records are now “indexed” with SMQs (Standardized MedRa Queries), which are diagnostic search terms added to assist researchers. The record of my baby’s “normal reaction to DTaP vaccine” has been indexed with 18 different SMQs, including encephalitis, encephalopathy, meningitis, pancreatitis, and anaphylaxis.

    Now I tell mothers, if you believe your child has had adverse effects from a vaccine, file your own VAERS report. List every symptom, how soon after the vaccine it started, and how long it lasted. Six weeks later when your child’s record is added to the VAERS database, look it up. The federal government, with its SMQs, will give you a free “second opinion” about what happened to your child as a result of that vaccination. And when anybody doesn’t believe you when you say your child suffered adverse effects from a vaccine, you can show them a print-out of your child’s VAERS record with the list of SMQs and say, “You aren’t arguing with just me. You’re arguing with the federal government’s opinion of what happened to my child.”

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. My 16yo had a seizure immediately following the menB vaccine last summer. I undestand that vaers is the cdc reporting system.
      But, has anyone created a user friendly non-gov resorting database? Why do we grow in scepticism and yet rely on the gov to keep record of injury?
      Also, may God bring healing and hope to your family.


    If all pro-vaccine people were as understanding as you. We all are doing what we think is best for our family and its refreshing to see someone so understanding.

  7. Thank you very much for this article, Mike. As Pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears said at the November 14th Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event in Washington, DC when speaking to families of vaccine injured and deceased children and other vaccine risk awareness advocates, “Vaccine injured children are the most invisible group of disabled children in history. It’s as if none of your children who are here today exist…It’s time to normalize vaccine injury; to make it something that is ok to talk about…It is time for the world to see that while vaccines may save some people; they also cause severe harm to tens of thousands right here in America every single year.” To “meet” many vaccine injured children and many who did not survive their vaccine injury, visit “We Remember” and “Families Speak” at Thank you again. God bless.

  8. Thank you for daring to write about this topic. A public conversation needs to happen, and many more people need to get involved and not be scared about their reputations.

  9. I just have to say that this article was a breath of fresh air. THIS is how anti- and pro- vaxxers need to talk to each other. Thank you for your empathy to the families with vaccine-injured members.

  10. My grandson at 12 months of age, was the smartest, most talkative (grammas house, fishes, love you, Nemo, a big vocabulary for just turning one), playful, alert, healthiest little boy around….just like my 3 children had been as toddlers. Then my daughter takes him in to the pediatrician labeled. “Well baby visit” and he gets an MMRrecombinHEP B shot and a few days later goes into seizures. Nobody thought anything about the vaccine. All ped doctors at Oakland Childrens hospital in Oakland, Ca, said they don’t know why he had the seizure (he seized during a 24 hour period then stopped seizing on his own. We were clueless and so were the docs. He resumed his wonderful, healthy, talkative self for the next several months. Then, 6 months later. He goes into “well-baby” ped visit
    for his 2nd MMrecombinHEPB shot and a few days later he goes into seizures, worse ones. The
    Result that time was permanent brain damage. The neurologist told my daughter to be certain to get his 3rd MMR and his additional booster. She refused. Medical trade professionals refuse to consider that vaccines of the quality and quantity injected into bodies today, can harm/kill the large number of children (and some adults) that is occurring. America, We have a problem.

  11. If you are “someone who reports on controversial movements” then you should have learned that there are many medical professionals — MD’s, RN’s, Phd’s (microbiologists) — who have clearly explained how vaccines are not only causing injuries, but are spreading the diseases they purportedly prevent. The latter is largely due to a function called “shedding” where a recently vaccinated adult or child infects the people around them. The amount of information available is burgeoning; the effort to suppress it is huge.

    Since Congress passed a law in 1986 protecting vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits, 1986 (NVICA) NATIONAL VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION ACT, which ironically made vaccine manufacturers immune from product liability lawsuits, the epidemic of vaccine injuries has skyrocketed. Start with that.

    Then look into the science of vaccines. What’s in them. What effect they actually have on the body, including how long they last and why they have limited effect. Compare that to the lifetime immunity and herd immunity that results from getting a largely harmless childhood disease like the measles or chickenpox. Polio is especially an egregious fraud since the original nerve damage disease is caused by chemical poisoning.

    I’ll leave you with a couple of supporting links and a link to an ongoing good source of information.

  12. Thank You! It is nice when you are not called names, or dismissed as a crazy mother. I just wished they’d bother to do the science. It is a tragedy.

  13. This article was truly a refreshing surprise. It is heartbreaking reading these stories. This is a call to arms for all of us, especially for those of us working in the medical profession and at Universities that are responsible for the education of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and public health practitioners. Thank you again.

  14. There are people who are anti-vaccine. I am one of them. Since there is no science showing the effect of a vaccine – separate and apart from the effect of the human immune system – in preventing disease, there is no proof that vaccines have ever saved a single human life. This also means there is no such thing as vaccine preventable diseases. Only your immune system can save you from disease… and loading it up with the toxic components present in all vaccines only weakens it and leaves an individual more prone to getting ill not less.

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