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Update on Investigation into the Verified Twitter Accounts who Send Death Threats to Children



For two years a couple sick freak and their followers have attempted to get my wife and daughter killed. They make sexual comments about my daughter, call, email, and show up to events to incite violence.


I recently filed a formal police report, and as part of that, swore to some allegations under oath.

Below please find a redacted version of the document that I signed under penalty of perjury.

Cernovich Affidavit Re: Complaint Against ******** for Stalking and Harassment

I make the following assertions under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California:

**** has stalked and harassed my family and me for nearly two years, despite having been told multiple times to not contact me.

His followers have sent death threats to my wife, and threatened to rape my daughter, who at the time of this Affidavit is 23 months old.

One message from **** fans and followers contains photoshopped image of semen posted on top of a picture of me holding my newborn daughter.

Another message shows me holding my daughter, with the caption, “Cum.”

**** has made many fake videos of me, and in one case told his followers to contact anti-child abuse organizations, after he edited a video to add in audio of a child being beaten. The video suggested that my wife beat our daughter until she was bleeding.

**** claimed in this video that my wife had beaten our daughter, a false claim that his followers believed.

More recently, **** has made implicit threats to make additional fake videos, and also to SWAT me. (SWAT’ing is the practice of filing a false police report on someone, in an effort to get a SWAT team to show up to the residence.)

**** behavior has become more unhinged and dangerous, and in light of the mass shootings happening by stalkers, I am in reasonable fear for my safety and the safety of others.

The specifics of the allegations are as follows:

No-Contact Emails.

Showing an escalation of obsession and threats, on November 8, 2018,**** sent me the following email:

****: Weird Mike, An anonymous tipster just sent me multiple hidden camera videos and even a few (now-deleted) livestreams that credibly appear to show you viciously spanking your child. This is insanely fucked up. Before I call the police, I just wanted to hear it from you.****

I had told **** to stop contacting me numerous times, including this email on August 6, 2018:

Cernovich: You are subjectively aware of my concern for the safety of myself, my family, and all those around your, due to your unhinged behavior. Despite being told of these fears, which are reasonable under the circumstances, you continue sending your followers to harass me, and you continue contacting me under your own name and also under sock puppet accounts. It has been 18 months, you were first told by me several months ago to cease all contact.

On multiple occasions I told **** to discontinue contacting me, as his followers continued threatening to rape and kill my 23 month old daughter.

One such email exchange (April 18, 2018) read:

Cernovich: Your followers continue to send death threats to my wife and threaten my child. You claimed in an email to me that you possess revenge porn of me. You are a stalker and harasser… You are a danger to yourself and others. My wife and I are in reasonable fear for our lives because of you and your followers. DO NOT contact me every again. I’ve told you months ago that your followers send me death threats, and called in threats into a venue I was hosting a seminar at – after you incited harassment against the venue on Twitter.

The stalker did not dispute any of my claims, and instead replied: Hahaha Okay, Weird Mike.

**** continued contacting me despite being put on actual and constructive notice that his contact was harassment.

I had previously instructed**** to not contact me. On , Jun 12, 2017, I sent**** the following email:

Cernovich: Your followers continue sending my wife and my newborn daughter death and rape threats. I know you are behind these accounts. See attached. These are from your sock puppet accounts and from your friends and followers. We have it all tracked. You go on a tirade and then you and your minions threaten my daughter. You’re so far over the line and keep digging yourself deeper with the threats and abuse. You have no idea who has been monitoring this situation.

**** replied: Throwing more threats and lies at me isn’t going to help your case, Mike. Your wife already admitted to me that you didn’t really believe what you were saying about me. All you had to do was clear my name publicly and apologize. But you aren’t man enough to do it, Mike. You’ve left me with no other option. See you in court.

Attached to this email were numerous screen shots and other proof that his followers harassed my wife.

**** had threatened to sue me for truthfully reporting that his followers sent my then-newborn daughter rape threats.

**** did not sue me, and instead choose to stalk and harass my wife and daughter.

Death Threats Called into Venue Hosting Cernovich Seminar

I booked a venue to hold a non-political mindset seminar.

The venue cancelled after**** told his followers to harass the venue.

The venue sent me the following email:

“Hi Shauna and Michael, Let’s talk today. We need to cancel the event at****. We are no longer able to host the event. We’ve received over 30 messages today (within a few hours) with threats and hate messages. I’m assuming you announced the venue. And more are coming in as we speak. Although we have nothing personally against your event, my business partner and I can’t risk any acts of violence at the space. It would cause us irreparable harm, since our only way to market the space is word of mouth and our reputation for safety. Call my cell when you can -****. We will refund your deposit ASAP (Monday business day). I think free speech is important (no matter what side you’re on) and I hope you can find another venue. I’m sorry we can’t host the event. There was one similar message last time you had the event. But you must be getting more popular, because this time, the number and severity of the messages is alarming.

After learning the venue had cancelled,**** emailed me (Jul 8, 2017):

****: Heard you’re trying to book a new place for your Gorilla Mind clinic. 😂

Fake Videos and SWAT’ing Attempts

**** is a video editor, and he has used those skills to make fake videos about my wife and daughter. These videos are not labelled as satire, and his followers do not interpret them as jokes.

In one video,**** dubs in audio of my wife abusing our then-19 month old daughter.**** added captions to the video, suggesting that my wife had beaten my daughter until she was bleeding.

In another video,****, edits my daughter’s voice to suggest she was calling people pedophiles.

Incitement of threats and harassment.

Since**** began his campaign of terror against my family, the threats are too numerous to count, and many threats have been removed as a violation of Twitter’s terms of service. Here are a few threats from**** followers, and you know they are**** followers because his username is “tagged” in them:

  • theboyinthemis1: Yeah, both @Cernovich and his wife need a baseball bat to the hack of their heads. (August 21, 2018)
  • danmox_gaming: Someone kill him (October 6, 2017)
  • RealTomPeters: Someone should seriously find him and beat him within an inch of his life. @Cernovich is a danger to society but is protected by his bullshit carpetbagging ideologies. (December 2, 2017)

In-person stalking threats.

On November 8, 2017, I held a private happy hour for readers and fans. Because**** is blocked, he Tweeted out to his followers:

****: someone dm him and get the location?

After obtaining the location under false pretenses, **** Tweeted:

See you soon, “Weird Mike!”

In a since deleted Tweet,**** asked his followers to “crash” a wedding I was attending with my wife and daughter.

Phone harassment

I would receive calls from “Unknown Number.” When I would answer, sometimes a voice would breath heavily. Other times it would be a harmless sound like birds chirping. One time a voice that appeared to be disguised to avoid recognition said, “I am going to kill your family.”

I stopped answering unrecognized calls.

These calls from “Unknown Number” would be received in rapid succession, usually 5 or 10 in a row.

On or about July 27, 2018 as fits the pattern, I received 7 calls from “Unknown Number.” The eighth call was from ***-***-****. That number was associated with****. The ninth number came from “Unknown Caller.” Calls made from Skype appear as “Unknown Number” to the recipient of the call. It is my reasonable, good faith belief that**** would call me obsessively from Skype on his computer, and accidentally used FaceTime, which revealed his real phone number.

On August 5, 2018,**** Tweeted out my personal phone number to his followers. This practice, known as “doxing,” is a violation of the Terms of Use of nearly every social media company, because of the danger it poses.

Further, it is my reasonable good faith belief that a subpoena to**** Skype account would show a pattern of phone harassment from him and directed at me.

**** deleted Tweets.

In an effort to cover up his multi-year campaign of harassment, **** deleted all of his Tweets.

I have a reasonable, good faith belief that a subpoena to Twitter would confirm the following:

  • **** told his followers to crash a happy hour my wife was attending, and he himself threatened to crash this private event.
  • **** told his followers to threaten a venue I rented for a mindset seminar.
  • **** told his followers to threaten to “crash” a private wedding I was attending with my wife and daughter.

I have a reasonable, good faith belief that **** operates many sock puppet accounts. He impersonated a police officer in one such account. **** connection to the sock puppet account was revealed when ***** submitted a password reset request. The password reset request indicated that an authorization code had been sent to ***-***-****, which is ****’s phone number.

I have a reasonable, good faith belief that a subpoena directed to Twitter demanding any and all accounts associated with ***-***-**** would reveal**** has operated several accounts, and directed death threats against me.

I have a reasonable, good faith belief that a subpoena to Skype would reveal that**** has called me hundreds-of-times.

Further affiant sayeth not:




Michael Cernovich



The Truth about Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus



Trump is recommending people look into using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus. Trump is not a doctor. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are not approved by the FDA for treatment of coronavirus.

Most doctors are using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine off label for coronavirus treatment, some are using it prophylactically to protect themselves.

OFF LABEL USE is what is missing from media coverage on Trump and hydroxychloroquine. Reporters either don’t know what off label use is, or they are pretending not to know because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Here is what the FDA says in its guide on the off label use of drugs:

From the FDA perspective, once the FDA approves a drug, healthcare providers generally may prescribe the drug for an unapproved use when they judge that it is medically appropriate for their patient.

If you read any article about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, and the article omits OFF LABEL USE, then you are being hoaxed by the media.

P.S. The man in Arizona who died from using chloroquine did not obtain chloroquine from a doctor. He used fish tank cleaner. (Yes, really.)

The couple unfortunately equated the chloroquine phosphate in their fish treatment with the medication —known as hydroxychloroquine — that has recently been touted as a possible treatment for COVID-19, which has infected more than 42,000 people in the U.S. and killed at least 462.

Reports that the man died after “listening to Trump’s advice” are dishonest.

The Arizona man’s wife is also a Democrat donor.

Wanda donated to the PAC 314 Action Fund, which has called itself the “pro-science resistance” to the White House.

Additionally, Fox News has reviewed a Facebook page apparently belonging to Wanda, which was first identified by the Twitter user Techno Fog. “Your psycho prez is in [t]own, are you going to see him?” Wanda wrote on Facebook on Feb. 19, by way of wishing a friend a happy birthday. Trump was in town at a rally in Phoenix, Ariz., on that day.

She administered the chloroquine to her husband. This wife was the only person who hates Trump who listened to Trump, by giving her husband chloroquine-based fish tank cleaner.

Nothing suspicious about that at all.

P.P.S. If you like this post, you’ll love Hoaxed Movie. Watch it here today.



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Is “Kung Flu” the latest Media Hoax?



Several White House reporters confronted Trump regarding his decision to call the coronavirus (or COVID-19) the China Virus.  One reporter asked him about a White House administration official who is alleged to have called the coronavirus Kung Flu.

When the reporter was asked the name of the official, the reporter said she didn’t know.

The original claim regarding Kung Flu comes from CBS reporter Weijia Jiang. On March 17th, she Tweeted:

This morning a White House official referred to #Coronavirus as the “Kung-Flu” to my face. Makes me wonder what they’re calling it behind my back.

Ms. Jiang has not identified the official.

One reason could be because this official does not even exist.

Under American defamation law, you can lie all you like.

You can’t lie about a person by name.

If no White House official called the coronavirus Kung Flu, or if there is some important context missing, then Jiang could be sued.

You can watch the Kung Flu exchange in this video here:

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The Stafford Act Text Message Announcing an Emergency Quarantine is a Hoax



By now you or someone you know has received a hoax text announcing martial law. With some minor variations, the texts all read the same:

  • In 48 to 72 hours the president will evoke what is called the Stafford act. Just got off the phone with some of my military friends in DC who just got out of a two hour briefing. The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation. Stock up on whatever you guys need to make sure you have a two week supply of everything. Please forward.


The National Security Council issued a rare public statement warning the public that the Stafford act text was a hoax.

How can you tell the Stafford Act Text is a Hoax?

Even if you refuse to accept the NSC’s word on the matter, the text message has some telltale signs of a hoax.

First, the text promises secret insider knowledge. “Just got off the phone with some of my military friends in DC who just got out of a two hour briefing.” This is a vague enough proclamation that it sounds plausible.

Second, no specifics of these friends are given. Who are these friends? Why did they call this specific person?

Third, the hoaxers ask you to spread the message. Why would anyone acting in good faith want to incite a panic?

If an emergency quarantine were able to be declared, the plan would be Top Secret. No one’s friends would just get out of a briefing and start alerting people. THEY WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR LEAKING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

If such an emergency plan were in the works and higher command wanted the story to get out, they’d leak it to a credible outlet. Not share chain-letter style text messages.

There’s also tradecraft involved in sharing classified information.

None of the telltale signs (and no I won’t share how to leak classified secrets here) were present in that alert.

UPDATE: Other outlets are now reporting that the Stafford Act text is a foreign disinformation campaign:

The Trump administration is alleging that a foreign disinformation campaign is underway aimed at spreading fear in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, three U.S. officials said Monday. On Sunday, federal officials began confronting what they said was a deliberate effort by a foreign entity to sow fears of a nationwide quarantine amid the virus outbreak.

Agencies took coordinated action Sunday evening to deny that any such plans were put in place, as they tried to calm a nation already on edge by disruptions to daily life caused by the virus.



Read More about Mike Cernovich here.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

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