Roseanne’s ex-husband Tom Arnold has challenged me to a charity boxing match.

This is completely absurd as he has never trained and is too old for such nonsense,
but for charity,
I’ll do it.

Tom told me the name the time and place:

Friday March 1st

Washington, D.C.

I propose Fleccas Talks as a celebrity referee, although Tom can of course offer his own name up.

This weekend will be packed as 10,000 additional people will be in town for CPAC, and plus I have a huge D.C. and East Coast audience.

Tom Arnold will start a GoFundMe to raise money for a veteran’s charity. I trust him to partner with a great cause and keep track of the donations.

We’ll both sell tickets, with all proceeds going to charity.

I’m sure we’ll raise at least $100,000.

As a bonus, I’ll document the six-week process used to get back into fighting shape.

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