Changing your story is how you change your life, and you learn how to change your story on the Mindset Master Class.

Gorilla Mindset covers self-talk, focus, framing, and other issues. It’s an important book, and it’s a manual for your mind.

The Power of Mindset is on another level.

It’s much deeper and philosophical.

And because the mindset master class has done well, I haven’t promoted it much.

(Most people don’t even know I have a video course out.)

That’s not fair to you, as the course is unlike anything you’ll see.

As you know, I have a film coming out.

And by making a film, I met a great composer, cinematographer, video editor, and special effects people.

Those same people shot and edited an incredible course.

Although you need not take my word for it. Here are some reviews:

  • Nice use of text slides and b-roll. This is a great medium for the information to be delivered beyond just the audio, text and in person versions. Nice work. I’m not sure what you have in mind for the final HD version but I’d highly recommend time-stamped links organized as a table of contents in the description if you haven’t done that already.
  • I am really enjoying all your products that I’ve bought from you. Amazing insight and Value. Your unique selling point is your presentation and that you live by what you say. Your presentation quality has improved. Great quality.
  • I learned a big lesson thanks to you, Mike. Life changing indeed. I can attest to this as I’m living now at 40 the best time ever. I can’t wait to go deeper with this.
  • Hey Mike, Thanks for what you do. I attribute a lot of my own personal turn around starting by reading Gorilla Mindset and taking that approach on my life. Still learning as I go, but it was really influential.
  • Best video course ever.
  • Your take on changing memories really hit home. Currently in the process of re-training my mind to change my perspective of memories and it’s working. Still need to watch a few more times to retain and implement in everyday life.
  • Really glad there was no politics!

My Mindset Work is NOT Political,
and in Fact I am Moving Far Away from Anything Political.

One of the stupidest comments out there is that Gorilla Mindset is about “alpha male” stuff or is political. That’s simply not true.

Read the 10 most highlighted passages from Gorilla Mindset, including:

  • Imagine you believe the world is abundant. The world is one of endless resources and unlimited potential. What you do matters. Your choices matter. You matter. Each day is a new day full of infinite possibilities.
  • Imagine your consciousness is the judge or jury, or parent or friend that you must persuade. You want your conscious mind to believe in you. Framing is how your mind perceives whatever situation you are in. Framing is how you choose to think about, and thus perceive, a challenge.
  • Gorilla Mindset shift: Reframe the issues. Choose to focus on how the difficulty you’re facing will make you stronger, more intelligent, more emotionally complex, or more resourceful.

The Power of Mindset, like the rest of my mindset work, avoids all political subjects.

Watch – Applied Self Talk

The reviews keep coming in:

  • I loved the whole thing but the two thing I liked the most are your practical down to earth approach. And the section I’ll be focusing on is the rewriting of my own story. Thanks for your effort in bringing us all the book and the Master Class and I’ll be looking forward to what comes next.
  • I liked the presentation, laid back practical honest not overproduced. And if this is as far as some people take it I’m sure it will be helpful. Thanks for not making it one long sales pitch.
  • I also love the way the music slowly fades in for dramatic effect in key parts of the narration. Congratulations to the editor.

You can buy The Power of Mindset here.

If you’d like a private consult, grab that here.

If you’d like to do a group call, you can set that up here.

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