Seven-figure real estate agent and mother to 3 children of her own and “two bonus daughters” has written the most powerful book ever for women.

Cracking The Fountain Of Youth Code: A Woman’s Guide to Being Healthier, Happier and Empowered for Life covers every subject from mindset to money to life extension.


Does getting older scare you?

Do you ever think your life is quickly passing you by?

How would you like to harness the power of aging instead of bending to its every whim?

As women, we are all connected.

We are a sisterhood of divine right and design.

Our paths can be directed by higher and better versions of ourselves and we are perfectly within our power to create them.

Isn’t it time you take over your body and your health?

You do have full control over the quality of your journey on the road of “life.”

Society won’t teach us (as women) to appreciate our true beauty.

We don’t understand our true value.

Without realizing this, thriving is out of your reach.

Survival with all its struggles and depletion, becomes the norm.

Shauna and I have known Monica for almost a decade. She is the real deal, and every woman reading this, or every man with a mom, sister, or girlfriend / partner needs this book.

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