If you want to understand more than current affairs, that is, if you want to understand the true nature of humanity, ask as many people as possible what they see in this image of Trump and Merkel.

People who hate Trump will see him losing in this picture. They’ll love it. They’ll share it with their friends.

People who love Trump will see him winning in this picture. He’s being ganged up on, and resisting.

If you can ONLY see one point of view (pro- or anti-Trump), then you are stunted emotionally and lack and understanding of human psychology. You are a victim of fake news, because there is no absolute, objective interpretation of that image. Your confirmation bias (for or against Trump) will reason you backwards to the “correct” interpretation of that image.

There is no accurate answer.


Scott Adams would use this image to illustrate his “two movies” filter of persuasion, which you can learn about in Win Bigly.

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