Several high consciousness people I’ve spoken to independently told me they felt a shift in energy. Something is going on. This feeling happened 2-3 weeks ago, and it wasn’t about politics or elections. The feeling is much bigger. There has been an energy shift.

Whenever you talk about Energy, haters appear. “It’s woo-woo,” but this only shows they are morons. You see Energy measured every day, though it’s wrapped up in terms like consumer confidence, inflation, and bubbles.

Keynes called this Energy the “animal spirits,” or animating force of human behavior. We all know Energy when we see it.

On a personal level, we all know the experience of having a person suck out the energy of a room. There are people who seem to suck away energy with every interaction, and we call them emotional vampires.

Mass movements don’t come from out of nowhere. They only seem that way, as most people don’t notice the Energy propelling human behavior until some event has happened. (November 8, 2016 was one example.)

There’s always some force behind mass movements, and these forces are largely invisible. My work and study is devoted to finding and channelling this Energy.

The Act in the movie we are living in is changing.

“The movie is getting dark,” is how one friend described what we’re feeling. Dark doesn’t mean evil or bad. It mean a transition to something new.

Scott Adams, when asked about the change in Energy said, “I feel it too.”

Adams explained that,

You have a country that is off-balance because we moved from a place where facts rule the world to where facts do not rule our world. We live in a non-factual, mostly-subjective world…

Once you start realizing how much of an illusion we are all living in, you can start to deal with your reality with a better understanding of it.

We’re entering a period where our biggest problems are simply psychology, simply the way we recognize our reality and the way we deal with it.

If we can just figure out how to be friends and how to work together in a positive way, we have an opportunity within the next 100 years to be something so special that it’s almost indescribable….We’re on the cusp of this, but we’re not there.

Why do we feel something “all at once.”

Although we must think of ourselves as individuals in order to survive, it’s more accurate to describe ourselves as being part of a “hive mind” or what Howard Bloom calls the global brain. We are nodes in a social brain:

A complex adaptive system is a learning machine, one made up of semi-independent modules which work together to solve a problem. Some complex adaptive systems, like rain forests, are biological. Others, like human economies, are social.

We are constantly learning and adapting, and social media is accelerating humanity’s shift.

Have you felt the energy shift?

What do you feel is going on?

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21 Replies to “The Energy has Shifted”

  1. I do not attest to having high consciousness but in the past month, I feel as if there is a global understanding of how the world really works and more importantly how it is slowly and solidly changing for the better for the average Joe on the street.

  2. Off balance, out of kilter, phase shifting. However one “feels” the sensation it foretells change. One can only hope the change is for the better and harmonious times are soon upon us.
    I had ascribed the feelings due to personal discombobulation.

  3. You can call it whatever name you want but until you recognize it as the Holy Spirit you are not correct. As Ben Franklin stated during the Constitutional Convention, God is very active in the affairs of men. There are certain times when His Spirit is particularly strong. During the Revolution (Washington’s many escapes, his crossing of the Delaware and Yorktown are just three examples) is one time, the Great Awakening of the 1730s-1750s (featuring George Whitfield) was another. The amazing sea change we are witnessing now is just one more example of God shaping things to accomplish His ultimate purpose.

    There is no way anyone could write this script – a political neophyte and complete outsider wins the presidency and he has the will and the grit to not only change America but the world. When Trump leaves office in 2025 the Democrat party will be a party in name only and we will be in the middle of a revival – politically, economically and spiritually.

    1. I don’t simply agree, I KNOW you are correct. Anyone who disagrees are perfectly free to do so – that is called freedom of choice – but remember this: there is only the right choice or the wrong one. I encourage EVERYONE to make the right choice! The wrong one is literally infinitely more horrifying than anyone can possibly begin to imagine! The right choice is exactly the opposite: more beautiful, awe-inspiring, wonderful – LOVE Himself!! It’s a choice you will literally NEVER regret!!

  4. Carl Jung’s collective unconscious explains this feeling. Also, there are several dimensions that exist that we do not fully understand, nor fully participate.

  5. One of the most critical psychological mechanisms at play here is what’s called “Suspension of Disbelief” – that’s what we do when we’re watching a movie where there are scenes, actions or facts that are obviously untrue in some way but we let our “reality guard” off and suspending our disbelief in order to enjoy the movie (and those who don’t come up and say the movie is stupid).

    What little do people understand is that the same mechanism of suspension of disbelief is at work in everyday life. It’s one of the underpinning of “Two Movies on One Screen” phenomena that Scott Adams popularized.

    That is a good thing because it means that at least for some aspects, we can affect the movie we see. We may be able switch our “quantum state”. It suggests that people with strong persuasion skill can really change the world as it is and as we experience it.

    Our nature tends to mute the ordinary – we stop hearing something that repeats, smelling something that persists, getting excited about something we saw many times. When things change, be it in the world or even in our perception of the world, we suddenly notice. Energy? Sure…

  6. As usual, there are 2 energy shifts, yin and yang kind of.

    There’s an optimistic energy shift among people who are utopian in outlook, and who have money and a solid footing to conquer the exciting new territory being opened up.

    There’s an extraordinarily negative energy shift for the middle class people who suddenly, after a decade of trying to pretend otherwise, realize that they are one hairsbreadth away from living in a car on El Camino Real. These people are starting to drift into the “Pre-WW2 Germany” mindset.

  7. Independent Internet News! We no longer depend on the MSM for information. We see the MSM talking points. We see what the MSM refuses to report on. Trump was the catalyst that made people expose themselves and the corruption of the world institutions. The curtain is being pulled back and people are very uncomfortable with what they see. At the same time, things like the impeachment, are showing the people how desperate the establishment is becoming. Things like the economy are showing us what is possible and what the establishment has been keeping from us so they could control the wealth. Knowledge is power and the power has shifted to the people.

  8. Just discovered this concept of Energy Shift and have really enjoyed reading about it. Though not highly educated I pride myself with lots of common sense and definitely feel the Energy Shift.
    I’ve been looking at (1) Geopolitical changes – Europe and the debacle of the European Union, UK elections, changes in Asia – Hong Kong democracy uprising, Latin America – dictators shifting to democracy in Brazil, Bolivia, (2) what is happening in the US economy (macroeconomics indicators – breaking all kinds of records that stood for 10s of years) and the projections for blowout economy in 2020, all in the middle of a failing impeachment which should have been very negative, (3) the upheaval of world religions, including Catholicism -with what appear to be a left leaning Pope which seem to be dividing the believing masses. I am really excited with the outlook and the learning opportunity being presented to me by this medium. Thanks!!

  9. Even if you can’t feel it, you have to see it happening everywhere, globally there is an awakening. “the time they are a changing…”

  10. It seems to me that historically, times like these when the opinion leaders are focused on that non-fact-based “soft” reality, that barbarians come in with the “hard” reality of sharp blades and bring a culture to its ruin.

  11. I can’t speak about world events, but about personal experience. For the past three years the frequency of my deja Vu moments have gone up significantly. Instances where I feel “I have been in the EXACT same situation before!”. I feel one every month or two. Unsure if this is due to the energy shift you mention, or something else. But it is a very real thing happening to me.

  12. Could the shift be connected with the polar shift putting us all into a different electromagnetic band because of change on planetary tilt? Or is that also symptomatic of the same mysterious cause?

  13. If you read this and you had any though that wasn’t:
    “Wow, that is some serious dollar store wannabe cult bulshit” you are doing life wrong.

    Maybe I just don’t understand energy though

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