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I used to keep a practice of journaling 10 ideas a day. Read James Altucher’s article on journaling ideas here.

These ideas ranged from ways to solve big social problems to professional and personal ideas.

For our next spar challenge, which goes live in 36 hours, we’ll be writing down 10 ideas a day, each day, for 10 days.

If you don’t know what SPAR is, read this article and listen to this podcast:




Spar is a new app that combines social media with productive habits. It works like this:

  • A person forms a group based on a shared goal.
  • Each person who joins the group MUST check-in daily.
  • If you check in daily, it’s free.
  • Every day you don’t check it, you pay a penalty of $3.

We will be launching our own challenges.

Our first one goes live this Monday. You can join it here.

This is an introductory challenge and not particularly hard.

Do something physical every day for 60 minutes, and read a book uninterrupted for 30.

Something physical could be a walk, could be stretching, frankly it could be a massage. Anything that elevates your heart rate above resting is “physically active.” Yard work even counts. No one is saying you have to train for the Olympics to join.

Read whatever book you want. I’m not the book police. But you must read uninterrupted for 30 minutes. Phones on airplane mode or in the other room, please. I suppose you could count reading while doing cardio if you want to be clever, but it must be a reading book not an audio book, unless you’re visually impaired.


The only legitimate question is, “What if I get sick and can’t work out,” and of course just check in saying you have a cold and don’t want to spread your germs all over. (Thank you for that, by the way. Don’t go to the gym sick.)

Otherwise no questions, as I’ve found that people who ask a bunch of questions are delaying taking action or are looking for a way out. “What if [insert situation special to me and me only arises]?”

Don’t be a vibe killer.

If you want to procrastinate or whatever, that’s fine, too. Just stay away from me.

If you want to have some fun and push yourself, then sign up here.

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