“With Shadow, we’re building a new model incentivized by adoption over growth,” Mayor Pete supporter and Shadow app founder Tara McGowan Tweeted on January 17, 2019.

After the Iowa Causes were sent into chaos last night, McGowan went into cover-up mode.

Suddenly Shadow was a completely “independent company,” which she had nothing to do with!

Compare that statement to what McGowan Tweeted last year.

“If we want to build real political power, we need to fix this problem and at Shadow, we’ve got a plan, the talent and the resources to make it happen. So I’m pretty stoked. If you want to learn more about Shadow’s roadmap + team, DM me or @gjniemira – we’d LOVE to nerd out w/ you.”

She was making hiring decisions, using “we” to talk about Shadow, and was “stoked.”

Forget she said any of that!

Shadow App Founder Tara McGowan was also a Mayor Pete supporter.

Media Men Mop Up Mayor’s Mess.

Shadow App was a disaster for all but Mayor Pete, who declared himself a winner last night. Shadow app’s founder is a Mayor Pete supporter.

Here we have a case of Big Tech covering up their connection to an app plus an obvious conflict of interest.

Instead of showing any interest in this story, the New York Times has assigned its top tech reporter to cover how many “likes” people are getting on Facebook.




3 Replies to “Shadow App Founder Tries to Hide, but We Found the Mayor Pete Receipts”

  1. I believe Tucker mentioned that the husband of this woman works on Mayor Pete’s committee.. is there a way to verify this? That would change the whole story….

  2. Another story about Democrats trying/stealing elections. My entire life these reruns occur. The whole winning “beyond the margin of fraud” is getting smoothed over with technology. When they get it right, we’ll never know ever again.

    Their drive to power is all about spending our money, gobs of it they would never be able to make themselves. The main problem is that once government gets it, the ownership changes and they do not want to report on what they spend.

    #1099- GOV would expose lots of government spending and put pandering into a feedback loop. My talk with Scott Adams is pinned to @SenatorMark4 which explains it in a few words.

    You’re a reader who could laugh at “We Republicans” for sure. Bashing welcome.


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