A Google employee has suggested that Trump supporters be punched in the face, writing on Twitter, “Do you support Trump? No? Look to your left, does that person does? No? So it’s the one on the right, go ahead and please punch that person in the face.”


According to his profile, Vinicius Carvalho is an employee at GoogleCloud, a division of Google.


One member of Congress, Dr. Paul Gosar, has asked Google for an explanation.

Cernovich has put out a request for comment to Google and will update this story as it develops.

Since publication of this article, Googler’s Vinicius Carvalho has deleted his Twitter profile.

2 Replies to ““Punch that Person in the Face,” Google Employee Incites Violence against Trump Voters”

  1. what else can we do to further this movement against this guy supporting us being assaulted!! Please let us know

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