This is what we call stealth marketing, meta-marketing, or humble bragging. I’m going to write about how corrupt the media is by pointing out what the media has written about me!

Not really.

As you know, I have zero respect for modern journalism. But since the media tried ruining my life, I may as well share how I handled their attacks.

I’m going to make a marketing point you can apply to your life.

The media is dominated by far-left radicals who hate men, and especially men who won’t bow down to the establishment. (The media also hates women who fail to conform, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Several “journalists” made a coordinated attack to discredit me and shame me into silence. Articles appeared within minutes of one another, proving collusion.

Instead of shaming me into silence, they made my voice grow stronger. One “journalist” who attacked me had to take a 30 day leave of absence from his job, as he developed drug problems when he was exposed as an animal abuser.

When the media attacks you, there’s a choice to make in the present moment. You can cry like a punk, get on your belly, and beg for forgiveness.

I laughed at them. In fact, right now there’s a media blackout on me. No media outlet will write about me, as journalists are afraid I’ll hire a private investigator to look into them.

I could cry about unfair media coverage. Or I can say, in all honesty, that I have been discussed in Newsweek and featured on MSNBC.

Negative attacks are social proof.

What is social proof? Simple. People believe you’re a big deal if other people believe you’re a big deal.

Whether you’re a big deal because you’re hated by cretins and scoundrels in the mainstream doesn’t matter all that much.

If you can say, “I’ve been quoted in the Washington Post,” and “My writing has been featured on MSNBC,” people assume you matter.

You could debate all day whether it’s healthy to live in a decadent, celebrity-obsessed culture where people get their signals from the media. But such is the world we live in.

That the media seems far more obsessed with my 140 character Tweets rather than my considerable body of legal scholarship and mindset articles is also neither here nor there.

In fact, the media is moronic.

Why are journalists obsessed with my Tweets?

Journalistic standards have fallen so far that twenty-something “journalists” troll through someone’s Twitter account (this is known as “Tweet mining”), looking for shocking and offensive comments.

Generally these “journalists” take something out of context and display it for the public to see. Everyone gets angry and page views happen.

Dollars flow from large advertising corporations to large media corporations.

If you read outrage or clickbait journalism, of course you’re part of the problem.

In marketing, you play the hand you’re dealt.

I can’t control what others say about me. I can, however, choose how to frame what they’ve said about me.

Here are some unfair media attacks on me:

Newsweek, “One Woman’s New Tool to Stop Gamergate Harassment on Twitter.” (I was called a bad person, or something. I didn’t read the article.)

Gawker, “The D-List Right-Wingers Who’ve Turned Gamergate Into Their Loser Army.” (This is the post that ultimately drove a young man to seek help for his drug problems.)

Boing Boing, “Vultures circle GamerGate.” (I was called a vulture for defending the free speech rights of gamers.)

Daily Beast, “Rage Against GamerGate’s Hate Machine: What I Got For Speaking Up.” (Some cry baby cried about me. I didn’t read the article.)

The Frisky [Seems like a blog, but it shows up in Google news], “Adobe Sides With GamerGate Bullies As Part Of Their Involvement With The Bully Project.” (I haven’t read this one, either.)

MSNBC also had a special feature on my Tweets. I’m not joking! This one was funny. In this report, a breathless dork exclaims, “[Cernovich] believes it’s not rape if the participants are willing!”

That’s not a misquote. If you want to understand how kooky these far-left “social justice warriors” are, ponder how rape could occur between willing participants.

Click play and fast forward to 1:59.

I’ve had some neutral to favorable coverage, too:

Above the Law, “Pick-Up Artist Gets Hilariously Scathing Legal Rebuke.” (Acting as 8Chan’s lawyer, I sent a response with co-counsel to Real Social Dynamics after they threatened our client with legal action for exposing corruption within Real Social Dynamics.)

Breitbart News, “International Game Developers’ Association’s Reputations in Tatters #GamerGate.” (I spoke with the media about corruption within the IGDA.)

Breitbart News, “Game Developers Association Calls 10,000 Tweeters Harassers, Including Kentucky Fried Chicken.” (I was quoted in an article about a corrupt non-profit organization.)

Washington Post, “Army expresses surprise about racism allegations over deleted tweet.” (I was quoted for mocking the offense people took when the Army used the phrase “chinks in armor.”)

Breitbart News, “Breitbart Editor Blacklisted from Shorty Awards After Clandestine Feminist Whispering Campaign.” (Covering the story of how the Shorty Awards defrauded me and my readers.)

Marketing is about getting your message out into the world.

Every stupid attack against me makes me stronger. The media has no power, as I’m able to leverage every attack to my advantage.

Imagine I write this bio, “Mike Cernovich is a lawyer and writer who has been mentioned in Newsweek and several other publications. His writing has been featured on MSNBC, and he has been quoted in the Washington Post.”

I’m rolling my eyes at that, but whatever. The game is the game. Play or be played.

Maybe the mainstream media isn’t attacking you, but a business competitor is.

Go build your own website where you can get your message out there.

You don’t need to have an article published in any magazine or on any website.

You don’t have to sell out.

You have the power to start your own media empire.

It takes time, but aren’t you worth it?

19 Replies to “Using Media Attacks as Social Proof”

  1. Mike
    All anyone has to do is connect the dots. The central banking Khazars use the media as a tool to keep the proles in darkness and confusion. It’s basically a massive psyop to keep the slaves occupied on the Koshernostra plantation.

  2. I’m fucking dying over here at “he thinks it’s not rape if both participants are willing”.

    I can’t handle it. It’s so perfect.

  3. Great insights, Mike.

    The sooner people get out, the better. If guys think it’s bad now – regarding HR dept policy, SJW in academia, SWAT-ing, getting you fired for being insensitive, etc. – think of what it’ll be like 5-10yrs down the road.

    Forward thinkers may as well spend their time crafting productive thoughts and plans on what type of new, SJW-resilient businesses, schools and organizations they’d like to build.

    Parasites who wither and die without a host, SJWs only have the power they are given. They only have the relevance they are given.

    Men ought to remember they have the power to walk away from a failing system, and build a new one if necessary.

  4. Once you start to study modern media this all begins to make sense. There is no dignity in modern journalism.

    What I found funniest about that interview is that they called Mike a vulture while at the same time holding up Gawker as a dignified news source. LOL.

    Gawker is the biggest vulture of them all. Their empire is built off of escalating and exploiting controversy to drive traffic to their websites, which includes Jezebel. These people will slander anyone under the sun.

    People like the guy in that interview make their money off of stirring the pot from behind their computers, but everyone knows they don’t have the balls to run their mouths like that in person.

    1. Exactly. It’s all projection. Their hearts are filled with hate and they are vultures, so they project those characteristics onto others. The media does not have the moral authority to judge me or anyone else.

  5. Is society becoming ever more idiotic, or has it always been this way and the idiocy is just manifesting in new and different forms? My hunch is its the latter…

  6. cringe every single time that pleb of a human being (matt binder) speaks. that smirk when he things ‘public shaming’ AKA being gossip bitch is a proud profession shows us how much of drudge the media complex has really become. i have more ad hominems reserved for binder, but i’ll leave it at that.

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