12 Replies to “Plane Crash – Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau calls the bombing of a Ukrainian private passenger plane over Iran a “plane crash.””

  1. What a coward. He snickers and maligns Trump, but he won’t publically condemn the terrorists who killed 63 of his own citizens.

    1. What terrorists? The facts at this point in the investigation are that the missile launch was enacted, apparently accidentally, by overly exuberant government forces of Iran, or do you have new information that is not in the press? (And Drumpf has totally earned the snickers and criticisms sent his way from most of the civilized world!)

      1. It was also explained that firing that type rocket requires several deliberate actions to launch it. It was not like just pushing a single button.

        1. No one said it was accidentally pushing a button. It was mistaking it for a bogey headed toward a sensitive area. They had been under attack from trump…. twice. A little jumpiness was kind of warranted

          1. Uhm, actually wasn’t it them who were retaliating for the generals murder? We were not shooting at them. Anything to berate, hate or belittle Trump. Defend Iran because of your hatred. If you were in Iran they would kill you. You show no loyalty.

      2. It’s obvious. Given that they are a state sponsor of terrorism. Given that they lied about it until the evidence became overwhelming. Given that they’ve assassinated people trying to flee the country in the past. Given that they conveniently adopted Democrat talking points in their “admissions”.

    1. Not only has Iran stated they SHOT DOWN the plane, there is evidence that they are bull dozing the “evidence”

      I am seriously wondering if these leftist are seeing a parallel universe.

    2. I’ll take him in “black face” any day over that lieing, impeached, orange moron of which you are so enamoured.

  2. Iran lied repeatedly about shooting down the plane (claiming they never did it) until evidence pointed directly at them. Their final admittance of it after all of the lies shows that Iran intentionally shot down the plane. Iran didn’t blame Trump because they knew they did it intentionally.

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