Gorilla Mindset returns to New York City on June 23, 2018.

On June 23rd I’ll be returning to New York for my last East Coast seminar of the year.

If you already know what my mindset work is about, email me here to request an invitation. If you aren’t sure about attending a mindset seminar, skip below the form and read more.




    Each Gorilla Mindset seminar is different,
    which is why some people attend all of them.

    I’ve given seminars across the world, and usually only do 2-3 a year. In 2017 I only held one seminar, and this upcoming seminar in New York will be my last East Coast mindset event of the year.

    What can you expect at a Gorilla Mindset seminar?

    First, you’ll meet some of the best people of your life. Everyone there, regardless of background, shares a commitment to becoming the best versions of themselves and to living the best life.

    Second, we start off by focusing on the Gorilla Mindset model:

    • Each chapter of Gorilla Mindset is separate yet connected,
    • Self-talk and language patterns,
    • How metaphors embedded in language shape how you view yourself and the world,
    • Proper posture in standing, walking, and working.
    • How to re-write your past to create a new future.

    We always have a lengthy question-and-answer.

    From there we cover story-telling, memories, reality creation, and whatever else is on your mind.

    Is everyone invited to Gorilla Mindset seminars?

    Yes, we do not discuss politics at all. As anyone who has read Gorilla Mindset knows, it’s an apolitical book. Our only focus is to help people from all over the world live the best life possible.

    Gorilla Mindset isn’t political, and there are always people from all backgrounds and genders in attendance.

    What if you can’t attend a seminar?

    No big deal! I have filmed two seminars, and both are available for free viewing here.

    During this seminar my skin was in a terrible flare due to an auto-immune condition. Did that stop me? No, and that’s what Gorilla Mindset is all about. Do not let life’s challenges stop you.

    This Gorilla Mindset seminar is from July, 2017, and was filmed in Los Angeles.


    How can you attend a Gorilla Mindset seminar?

    You can email me to request an invitation here.






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