Farnaz Fassihi of the New York Times wants you to know that Qasem Soleimani has range. The man was also a poet.

Watch Soleimani’s poetry read and check out her Tweet about “dreamy poet Soleimani” here.

Whenever you think the media can’t go lower, they surprise you!


4 Replies to “New York Times Reporter Shares Video of Suleimani, the Dreamy Poet”

  1. Trump lost millions of voters when he took down the Iranian General because it was a gross over reaction and escalation. Many hundreds of Americans will die because of it but their lives mean absolutely nothing to the likes of you and Alex Jones. In fact their lives mean less than nothing to you. I guess we have another 5 trillion to fight Iran as well? Where is the money being stored? You are a Zionist shill and you don’t want one pretty boy Jew Soldier to get his hair messed up by actually fighting real soldiers. They only fight school boys throwing rocks and then they shoot them in the head. You are a sell out but I always knew who you were and are.

    1. HAHAHA where are you getting these figures you idiot!? Trump is skyrocketing in the polls? Trump got clearance to take out Soleimani 7 months prior. You think waiting 7 months, and then finally taking out the most dangerous military mind of an Islamic extremist global power that is working towards nuclear capabilities and has made several promises to wield such a power despite economic sanctions… was an over-reaction? You fuckin ape. Shouldn’t you be blowing some Marxist professor for extra credit!? Leave politics to the big boys. And this Zionist pretty boy Jew has skullfucked plenty of “real soldiers”.. you know the ones right? The “manly” Hamas soldiers who hold Gazan children by their shirt collars and run with them as a shield.. yeah I eat those fuckin pussies for breakfast.. maybe that’s why all the Palestinian children love playing soccer and hanging out with Jews rather than their pussy older brothers.. until their in-bred retard fathers bring them inside and beat them for talking to “Zionist pretty boys”.. you make me sick you fat hairy fuckin incel. Loll you’re so knowledgeable huh? How many wars have you fought in? And getting beat up at school everyday doesn’t count sweetheart. Dumb ass. Go play Warcraft and stfu

  2. Amazing the anti Semitic comments when you press a terrorist into the dirt.
    They all sound similar and it makes me wonder if they aren’t sponsored. Qatar?

    Senator Cruz putting forward a resolution to approve of the Soleimeany smearing seems so Alinsky perfect to trap the Dems in a vote approving of terrorists.

    You’re ability to see through the…what would we even call it…all sides throwing chaff! How about a weekly Cernovich tip to apply Alinsky against the Dems or media? You are so effective and your talent at seeing the bruise to attack is remarkable.


    Ps Didn’t you love Gervais at the Globes?

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