“Who are you?” is the fundamental question of your identity, and your identity is a collection of stories that you are telling or that others are telling about you. Everyone is a collection of stories, and not everyone’s story begins in a positive place.

Many stories begin in a place of hurt or trauma.

Others have a more ordinary story, which can be profound in its own way. I’m a … [husband / wife / doctor / construction worker.]

Some let their stories limit themselves in ways they aren’t even away of. A friend once told me he wasn’t able to sell, because, “I’m British, and that’s not what we do.”

He had a story about being British. That wasn’t his story. It was a story someone else told him, and this story stopped him from living as he liked.

What if you could re-write your stories? What if you could turn painful memories into sources of power?

You can, and in fact many already have.

Gorilla Mindset was a major success, and it’s has a long-awaited sequel on the way.

The Story of I – Rewriting Your Personal Story

In front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles, we filmed our best material on mindset, story telling, and reinvention.

The Story of I – Rewriting Your Personal Story reinforces the most important lessons of Gorilla Mindset, and then takes you on an entirely different journey.

The Story of I comes from my obsession with understanding and explaining human consciousness, and is a tip of the hat to one of the most influential books I’ve read – The Mind’s I.

There’s a concept in The Mind’s I and Gödel, Escher, Bach known as a strange loop.

What is a strange loop and what does it have to do with mindset? You’ll find out in The Story of I.

Although The Story of I is serious work, we also have to manage some fun.

I even answered one of the most frequently asked questions: What is Gorilla Mindset and why did you name that your book?

The Story of I is broken into 18 parts.

1. “Stop Worrying”
2. The Strange Loop
3. What is Mindset?
4. Childhood
5. The Click and The Snap

6. The Power of Self Talk
7. Focus and Framing
8. Mindfulness

9. Vision
10. Lifestyle
11. Skill
12. Story
13. Identity
14. Money

15. What does Gorilla Mindset mean?
16. How Do You Physically Re-Write Memories?
17. What if everyone believes they can shape reality?
18. How do you pick yourself up out of being down?

The Story of I also answers a question people ask me often.

What if I’m wrong?

The Story of I is Now Available for Pre-Sale!


You can pre-order the course here.

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