Two weeks ago Cernovich joined professional heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore and movement and fitness expert Alexander Cortes in New York to debut some of his new mindset material, in addition to the timeless concepts from Gorilla Mindset.

How people described the seminar:

  • Not quite what I wanted but somehow exactly what I needed.
  • Helpful and eye opening.
  • I think I took about six pages of notes!
  • Incredibly practical. The presenters all drew from experience and their own struggles to demonstrate how they dealt with it. Along with their mindset.
  • Intimate, good balance of positive reinforcement and harsh reality. Time flew by.

What people learned:

  • I confirmed that the answers are inside of me and I need to stop looking to external things to answer them. (Plus I got some good guiding questions.) Also I liked the opportunity for adventure.
  • The seminar encouraged people to get out of their comfort zone and confront their mindset head-on. At the same time, there wasn’t any B.S. like dancing around to help network with each other (cheesy). Another underrated quality about the seminar was that in my opinion, it was a humorous and lighthearted environment. I mean this in the best way, of course.
  • Humorous and lighthearted aren’t the correct words to use here, this seminar was authentic, and more importantly, it held a positive atmosphere for everyone there.
  • Not only did the seminar go through content from Gorilla Mindset, but what’s coming next. Combining everything that was said, the power of writing your own story versus accepting the different scripts society or culture or others write for you. Hearing how each speaker has overcome adversity has opened my mind to more possibilities in my own life.

The biggest issue people had was with time management.

  • Wish there was more time. It did not feel like 4+ hours. I wanted to hear more from Alexander and have Mike answer a few questions as well. Mikes perspective and mindset is great
  • Organizationally needed improvement. Also Mike Cernovich is great, IMO, one of the top thinkers of out time, but I felt he got a little too into telling his own situation. Lessons through story telling is very effective but some of the experiences are far outside of where most attendees are in their life.
  • I would love to see it in a weekend retreat form so that likeminded people could mingle and there would be more time for the presentations as well as maybe some time in between to digest all the information and then followed by Q and A session.

More mindset seminars are coming soon.

Our New York event was excellent, although I prefer to keep our seminars smaller.

My current thinking is to have fewer, smaller events. Yes, this is more effort for me. One event with 500 attendees is the same amount of work as one event with 50 attendees.

We are doing transformative work, and smaller groups lets me pivot into new material.

What most don’t understand is that I never go into a seminar with a script. I read the crowd, and get their permission to cover topics.

Yes, you need the permission of your audience, a skill I learned from Gerry Spence’s trial lawyers skills seminar. He was of course talking about getting the permission of the jury, and a crowd is no different. People who attend one of my seminars, like a jury, must be persuaded.

Story telling, empathy, charisma…The principles are the same.

It would also be boring to have the same event each time. We like to keep it different.

Some people have attended 5+ seminars with me, and agree that each one is unique.

The Gorilla Mindset Network is also coming soon.

If you submitted an application, expect to hear from me this week.

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