As Sante Fe school shooter wore a hammer-and-sickle logo, I made the uncontroversial statement that this logo was associated with ANTIFA. Today a fact-checking website that partners with Facebook and foreign governments said ANTIFA does not use the hammer-and-sickle logo. This is fake news.

Run a Google image search for ANTIFA and hammer-and-sickle. Thousands of results appear. See for yourself:


Here’s a video entitled, “Black Conservative Scolds Black #Antifa For Flying Hammer Sickle Flag #Boston.” As you can see in this screen capture, an ANTIFA member is flying a hammer-and-sickle flag.

Examples abound, and anyone can confirm this in five seconds.

Why did the Fake Fact Check Website Lie?

This is an attack on alternative media. Each time they flag an article as fake news, even when they verifiably lie as they did hear, then alternative media is downgraded in Facebook’s algorithm.

Their lies cumulatively become part of the narrative. Mike Cernovich, who a fact-checking website said spreads information, claims….

These lies about me are a way to lie about you, and a way to embolden ANTIFA.

Fact Check is fake news.

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