Today a DNA test proved that Hunter Biden is the FATHER! While much is said of Trump destroying the supposed dignity of office, it’s the Biden family that’s turned the U.S. into a real-life episode of Maury. The latest Biden story though illustrates yet again how biased the New York Times is.

Here is Michael Barbaro defending Hunter Biden against “personal attacks” about parentage.

Ah yes Hunter Biden (49 years old) is a candidates child. How dare anyone attack children!

Well today it’s been proven that Biden is the father of another child.

The New York Times got us into wars.

Look at them lie on matters big and small.

We can’t trust them. Ever.

2 Replies to “Hunter Biden IS THE FATHER! NYT Hardest Hit”

  1. So a 49 year old man kicked out of the Navy because of cocaine…

    … who left his wife in order to pursue an affair with his dead brother’s widow and mother of his own nephews …

    … who took sweetheart deals with foreign countries in a wobbly-af influence peddling scheme …

    is a “child” who needs to be protected, according to another child?

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