Headshots aren’t just for actors and models. If you have a marketing page, online dating profile, or even a social media account, chances are you’ve posted your face online.

Are you putting your best face forward?

Judging by head shots I’ve seen, you’re probably not. And that’s totally cool.

The great thing about the Internet is you can learn anything. There is an expert out there scaling his knowledge to improve your life.

Peter Hurley shows you how to take a proper headshot.

I do not know Peter Hurley, a New York photographer, and he certainly didn’t ask me or pay me to plug him!

When someone does an amazing video adding value to my life, I promote the person’s work. It’s the Law of Attraction.

You really should watch Peter Hurley’s video on headshots and practice in front of a mirror.

There are two key takeaways: The Jaw and the Squinch.

  1. As the video says, “It’s all about the jaw!” That will make more sense once you’ve watched the video.
  2. Learn how to squinch your eyes. You actually have eye muscles located underneath your eyeballs. Learn to flex them.

Now watch the video explaining how to take a headshot.


9 Replies to “Learn How to Take a Headshot Even if You’re not an Actor”

  1. looking very dapper Mike! (no homo)

    i have this video saved ever since you mentioned it in passing a while back, and have found my presentation in photos improve considerably

  2. My favorite part about this is that we can snap great photos with an iPhone.

    I remember being online years ago taking pictures with a shitty digital camera. The pictures took forever to upload and to edit.

    We can now do all of that in just minutes.

  3. Mike
    You definitively look fit and masculine but the shirt man. I think a black v-neck or a good suit like you had on danger and play would be more optimal.

  4. Whoa – that is some top-shelf shit. Thanks for posting the link to that video.

    You are definitely rocking it in that shirt.

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