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  1. Home schooling comment:

    My wife taught all our 4 homeschoolers to read very early using “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” by Englemann which is an amazing classic.

    You can have your children reading in a few months when they are ready, and then they can have a steady stream of books around them after that and you are off to the races!

    With this book you or your wife pushes through with a concentrated effort and in short order you have accomplished the most fundamental education milestone and your child is ahead of the game! Feels great!

    I would send it as a gift, but don’t have your address; its worth its weight in gold.

    In a similar vein I would strongly recommend similar books that take your children through many structured lessons — math, language etc. It is very hard for a homeschooling parent to comprehensively cover what a child should learn without the structure that is provided by such materials.

    Best wishes!

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