CNN’s White House reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught removing her mask and violating social distancing policies when she thought the cameras were off after the May 15th press briefing.

Unfortunately for Collins, cameras were still rolling.

The press conference concluded with WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany saying, “I like your pink blazer Kaitlin.”

You then see Collins, unaware a camera was still rolling, take off her mask before violating social distancing rules.


The video was first surfaced by pro-Trump Twitter account “Power Tie.”

Collins’ violation of social distancing rules is problematic, as the White House Correspondents Association previously threatened to remove OANN reporter Chanel Rion from the press briefing rotation for violating social distancing rules.

As Axios and other outlets reported:

WHCA ousts OANN after reporter violates social distancing rules

The White House Correspondents Association on Wednesday voted to remove One America News Network from the press briefing rotation after one of the outlet’s reporters broke social-distancing guidelines amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Neither CNN nor Collins has commented about her violation of social distancing rules.

Jon Karl, who as head of the WHCA took action against Rion, has also not commented on Collins’ violation of social distancing rules.

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