Whoopie Goldberg defended child rapist Roman Polanksi and Joy Behar wore blackface, Donald Trump Jr. told the View’s audience during an enjoyable interview on ABC’s The View. ABC recently got caught covering up the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile story.

Behar denied wearing black face and Whoopie tried to deny being a child rape defender.

They are lying.

Joy Behar admitted to dressing up as an African American woman, before lying about it on air today.


Whoopie Goldberg said Roman Polanksi didn’t “rape-rape” the 13 year old girl who he drugged before anally penetrating her.


  • Watch Whoopie Goldberg stan for Roman Polanski

Watch Don Jr. destroy these sanctimonious hypocrites on The View.

21 Replies to “Blackface, Rape, Epstein – Don Jr Exposes the Hypocrisy of The View”

    1. Joy Bahar should be fired . First she ridiculed our Veep for talking to god for guidance even though Oprah says the same thing, After backlash she says that she’s only a personality and shouldn’t be taken seriously. And after she demanded a congressman resign for playing blackface in a college photo she played blackface in a photo. REALLY

  1. The only reason I would watch that show would be to watched one of them have an A aneurism and dropped dead right there
    They are sickening Lying launch of old bags

  2. In view of this article, here’s this woman’s perspective and point of view regarding these particularly mouthy females on one of the worst daytime TV talkshows ever, referred to as “The View”. These are those who insult the intelligence of most thinking women, especially given the degree of their blatant double standards and flagrant hypocrisy which is completely outrageous. Albeit these shady ladies’ subtil behavior displays either that of a slithering snake or a lioness on the prowl looking for a kill, there is no low place they will not go… And it has been said before “It’s not the snake bite that kills you, what has happened cannot be undone, it is the venom, pouring through your system that takes your life”… Though these venomous and vicious vamps certainly would have wanted to rip him apart if they could have, it appears they couldn’t even sink their teeth in or their claws even touch him… Yes, for any Conservative or even especially a Trump family member, that stage set could definitely be compared to a den of hungary lions or a snake pit of poisonous asps. But I’m reminded of the greatness of our Lord God’s grace and presence to both shut the mouth of the lions as He did for His servant the prophet Daniel as is written in Daniel 6:22 “My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths, so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent before Him; and also, O king, I have done no wrong before you.” and then also the New Testament promise in Mark 16:18 “They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.”

  3. Even though joy proclaimed she went as an African American in 2016 for HALLOWEEN for Christs sake, she denies it here. Even though whoopi thought it was FUNNY for Ted Dansen to wear black black, and I don’t know how she can deny that one, she sits on TV and lies like a dog! Hypocrite , there’s no better example.
    It’s funny or cute THEN but not now. Why is that?


  5. What’s wrong with the sponsors and owners of this awful show?!! This was the President of USA’s son and they were screaming, shouting at him as though it was all his fault that they lost the election!!
    Yes, the show needs to be taken off the air! It’s a disgrace to the USA. Only decent person on the show is Megan. God bless her.

    1. Agree with everything you said except about Megan McCain being decent. She hides behind her Father’s legacy and is always playing the sympathy card. Her Father was a treasonous , warmonger traitor and did not die of cancer but was given a choice of either being exposed and indicted for the treasonous louse he was or be put to death and given an honorary funeral. He, the coward chose the latter. There are POWs that still have not come home because of this traitor. Either he lied to his own Daughter or as I suspect, she is just a useless idiot on the absolute most dumbed down show in history which is insulting to women everywhere.

  6. sadly, my liberal moon bat friends aren’t exposed to the hypocrisy! you won’t see these facts exposed on the MSM channels!

  7. Take this POS show off the air. These women are despicable. If you dont agree with their politics or thinking, you are evildoers. This show is a one sided joke!!!!!

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